Leaders lead.

As the leaders go, so goes the church.

The Center for Vibrant Leadership is an initiative of Artios Christian College, an online Bible college dedicated to equipping leaders for greater missional engagement at home, school, church, and in their community.

In pursuit of the Church of God (Seventh Day)’s Vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church, Artios Christian College recognizes the priority of equipping vibrant leaders who will equip vibrant churches. We also realize that not all church leaders will pursue training through Artios’ online courses, particularly those who represent our international family of churches.

As an Artios initiative, the Center for Vibrant Leadership serves as a “come alongside” ministry to leaders within their local contexts through onsite training, coaching, consulting, and the production of print and online resources.

This effort is driven by Artios’ core convictions that equipping leaders for a vibrant 21st century church is its best contribution to the work of the kingdom, that the most effective way in which to raise up vibrant churches is to equip vibrant leaders, and that everyone is a leader, they just need to become a vibrant one.

Whaid G. Rose
Whaid G. RoseDean of the Artios Center for Vibrant Leadership
Whaid Guscott Rose serves Artios Christian College as Dean of the Center for Vibrant Leadership and is pastor of the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Newtown, NC. He and his wife have two adult children. He authored Dream in Progress: The Vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church and co-authored Getting A Handle on Worship: Exploring its Meaning, Responding in Simplicity. He holds the Diploma in Evangelism (Manhattan Bible Institute), and the Bachelor of Arts in Divinity (Summit School of Theology). He is a certified leadership coach with both the American Association of Christian Counselors and the John Maxwell Organization.