What does a Vibrant 21st Century Church look like? Pastors Israel Steinmetz and Whaid Rose answer this question by exploring the General Conference Church of God (Seventh Day) Vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church. The ten points of the Vision: Christ-Centered, Spirit-Formed, Bible-Based, Distinct-Yet Inclusive, Sabbath-Celebrating, Passionate in Worship, Compassionate in Service, Committed to Discipleship, United in Fellowship, and Engaging in Witness, are addressed in individual chapters. Each chapter begins with biblical and theological reflection before moving on to exciting and challenging applications for local churches and individuals believers.While specifically addressed to the Church of God (Seventh Day), the vision of a vibrant 21st century church is applicable to every follower of Christ, regardless of denomination. A must read for Christian pastors, leaders, and all those who want to see the Church embrace it’s biblical identity in the world today.