Zone One Virtual gathering, Historic Moments: Introducing the International Federation


The Zone One Virtual Gathering on Sunday, May 5th was devoted to clarifying questions and concerns about the recent change from International Congress to International Federation at CoG7’s international level. The event was hosted by Whaid Rose, Zone One lead rep and Artios Center dean, who answered three questions in his opening presentation: Why the change? How will this impact CoG7’s global efforts? What does this mean for me and my local church and national conference?

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In With the New


by Kurt Lang “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”[1] If you are a reader like me, you might be wondering, “Well? Why weren’t they written? I want to know more of the story!” For whatever reason, God decided that what we have is enough. He must be reminding us that quality is better than quantity. So what do we have in the pages of the New Testament? The Rest of the Story The 39 books of the [...]

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Stewardship, Accountability and Administration


by Loren Gjesdal Few words inspire yawns faster than “administration.” Immediately, images of forms to be filled out and bureaucratic hurdles to be leaped come to mind. Yet we all agree with the Biblical principles of good stewardship and accountability. So, let’s consider for a moment how Church Administration helps us be good, accountable stewards. First, a definition. A steward is someone who has been entrusted to oversee another’s resources. Good stewardship then is the productive use of those resources in accomplishing the owner’s objectives. Two parables Jesus told will help us think about our role as stewards in His present [...]

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Gospel-Centered Preaching | Summer Seminar 2022


Presented by The Artios Center for Vibrant Leadership A SEMINAR FOR THOSE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF PREACHING! Register here: English - Spanish - **This event has already taken place. Register to watch the recording.** This seminar is offered for a suggested donation of $30. If you didn’t make a donation and would like to, you may do here. Thanks for your generous support to make resources like this possible.

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Equip 24 | Virtual Winter Session


Strategies for Getting Through 2024 (2/4/24) This 3.5 hour intensive is designed to equip leaders for guiding their people through another difficult election year. This event has already taken place. Register to watch the recording by clicking here. This webinar was made possible by donors who recognize the value of this type of resource. To help us continue to make resources like this available, make a donation here.

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