by Kurt Lang

Since this pandemic finds many of us working from home, Artios thought you might enjoy Kurt’s Tips for Working from Home to either help you in your work-from-home efforts or to give you some comic relief.

Kurt’s Tips for Working from Home

  I. a. Set aside some regular hours each day that you can commit to focusing on your job.

      b. Be flexible and work different hours each day so you can work around other duties/jobs/household tasks that arise.

 II. a. Create an office space with all your work essentials so that you have consistency and have the feel of an office, maybe even make your own cubicle!

      b. Sit at a desk for an hour, then read/research on the porch for an hour, then stand up at the kitchen bar for better posture, then sit at your desk on the exercise ball. Rotate as time allows.

III. a. Set up your office in your walk-in bedroom closet for maximum privacy, so nobody else knows you’re home and won’t disturb you.

       b. Sit at the couch in the living room so you don’t miss the family conversations.

IV. a. Work solely on one task/assignment until it is completed.

       b. Work on one project for 15 minutes, then switch when an email comes in and focus on something else, then take the dogs for a walk, then start another project after a phone call, then go take care of the laundry, then finish the first project.

  V. a. Answer the phone when your boss calls and let him/her know you are almost done and will finish the project on time.

       b. Don’t answer the phone because you had to run to Taco Bell for a late lunch and the kids convinced you to go to a movie.

 VI. a. Work intently at your tasks when nobody else is home.

       b. Practice your focusing skills and work while ignoring the distractions of the spouse and kids.

VII. a. Work in the afternoon and bear the slow speeds since everyone else in the family is using the wireless internet.

        b. Work from midnight to 4 am when everyone else, as well as your neighbors, are not bogging down the internet.

The one you choose will always depend on what side of the bed you got up on, whether you had time to shower in the morning, what was for breakfast, what the family is doing that day, what emergencies arise, if you ran out of Dr. Pepper, if it is raining or sunny, and the like.