by Makayla Ross

4 Tips for Working from Home shared by Artios Christian College Registrar Makayla Ross:

Tip #1 – Set up a Dedicated Workspace

Set up a dedicated space for work. This space should be in a location where you can focus and concentrate best. Having your “workspace” be clean and clutter-free will also help your mental capacity as you work. I highly recommend a desk rather than the living room couch.

Tip #2 – Dress for Work

Dress for work. Although you’re at home and you can probably dress down a bit, don’t dress down too much. You want to feel like you’re ready to work, not like it’s the weekend. Wear clothes that you feel good and productive in, and fix yourself up, much like you would for work (shower, shave, do your hair, for ladies: wear makeup and accessories if that is what you’re accustomed to doing at work).

Tip #3 – Separate Work Time and Family Time

Try to protect your work/family time. This can be a challenge, particularly if you have a spouse or children at home. But letting work seep into your family time or letting your family distract you from work time can both lead to feeling frustrated and exhausted. Setting dedicated work time and a schedule can be extremely helpful, even if that means different work hours than you’re used to (e.g. early morning or late at night). Remember that working from home is going to look different than working at the office, so don’t stress yourself trying to mirror it. Instead, find what works for your current home dynamic.

Tip #4 – Interact with Your Team

If you miss the camaraderie of interaction with your team (or just miss human interaction, period!), a phone call can do wonders to boost your mood and production! If the option is available to you, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to connect with a team-mate.