Stewardship, Accountability and Administration


by Loren Gjesdal Few words inspire yawns faster than “administration.” Immediately, images of forms to be filled out and bureaucratic hurdles to be leaped come to mind. Yet we all agree with the Biblical principles of good stewardship and accountability. So, let’s consider for a moment how Church Administration helps us be good, accountable stewards. First, a definition. A steward is someone who has been entrusted to oversee another’s resources. Good stewardship then is the productive use of those resources in accomplishing the owner’s objectives. Two parables Jesus told will help us think about our role as stewards in His present [...]

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Church Administration: From Fluff to Function


By Andrea Slawson Administration. The sight of that word either makes you cringe or giddy with anticipation to get stuff done. Me? I cringe a little. Over the past few years I have begun to realize that “church” is not just a place where people come to meet once or twice a week and then go home. It is so much more. The body, the believers of Jesus Christ, are the church – yes. But the administration within the body are the gears that make the body operate with efficiency toward God’s mission of all being saved. Yet knowing this, I still think, “I [...]

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Why We Need Administration in Church Ministries


By Kristin Gonzalez In middle school, I learned a valuable lesson about administration and leadership. I had a science teacher who engaged us in hands-on science projects and experiments. Within her classroom, I learned about the scientific method, photosynthesis, and leadership. I vividly remember her telling me she was placing two boys in a group with me for a hot air balloon project. She also informed me that I was the group leader. We were to create a hot air balloon out of tissue paper that would soar to the heights of the gym ceiling. I was very excited about another great [...]

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5 Reasons the Church Needs Administration


By Loren Gjesdal We have all heard complaints about bureaucratic red tape (and maybe voiced those complaints ourselves!). Usually these complaints relate to our interactions with local government, but what about the church? Is church administration just a brake on ministry innovation? Do policies and procedures sap energy and resources better used elsewhere? There are at least 5 reasons why we need proper church administration. When done right, church administration is essential for accomplishing the heart of any effective church ministry—equipping discipleship. CHURCH ADMINISTRATION AND MISSIONAL VISION Effective ministry innovation requires well thought out and communicated missional vision. Why do we do what we do? Why [...]

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