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Who Controls Your Butter? Reflections on Spiritual Accountability


by Whaid Rose While attending a dinner, the newly elected Senator Bill Bradley asked the waiter for an extra pat of butter. The waiter replied, “Sorry, one pat per person.” The emcee overheard and demanded, “Do you know who this is? This is Bill Bradley! All-American from Princeton! All-Pro with the Knicks! US senator! Potential president!” To this the waiter responded, “Do you know who I am?” The emcee replied, “I guess I don’t. Tell me.” The waiter calmly asserted, “I’m the guy who controls the butter.” I owe full credit to the late Howard E. Butt, Jr. of Laity Lodge, [...]

Who Controls Your Butter? Reflections on Spiritual Accountability2024-01-19T11:21:58-07:00

Why Get Off the Couch and Go To Church?


By Loren Gjesdal As a pastor who found it necessary to call a congregation back to church in person after doing church online, I realized that it wasn’t enough to simply say “We’re open, you can come back now.” I realized it was going to be essential to answer the question, “Why?” “Why should I get off my comfortable couch, dress up, drive over, and do the same thing in a pew instead?” The Biblical answer is simple and clear:  because you’re needed here! God’s plan is for every member to be a minister. The Reformers called God’s plan the “Priesthood of All [...]

Why Get Off the Couch and Go To Church?2022-07-11T09:16:51-06:00

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