Restored and Re-Storied: An Interview with Mary DeMuth


By Caitlin Meadows Recently, I discovered a woman named Mary DeMuth. She is an author (of 31 books, so far), a public speaker, and the host of a podcast. Her message is simple but profound: Jesus Christ has taken her broken past and restored her to Himself. In doing so, He has also re-storied her, showcasing His beauty and might through her former heartache and suffering. God has restored and re-storied her and He is eager to do the same for the rest of us. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new [...]

Restored and Re-Storied: An Interview with Mary DeMuth2022-08-03T15:59:30-06:00

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Leave Your Church


By Lisa Harp Hinds Thinking seriously about leaving your church? Maybe you’re tired of other members’ attitudes or you don’t connect with the pastor. Perhaps you feel neglected, like you simply don’t belong. As someone who left my church because of my own issues but later returned, I suggest asking yourself these 7 questions before deciding to leave your church: 1. DOES MY CHURCH FOLLOW BIBLICAL STRUCTURE? Each member of the church has an important role to play. Acts 6 gives us an example of members of the church having different functions. I Corinthians 12 addresses the spiritual gifts, specifically recognizing that each member’s separate gift plays a role in [...]

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Leave Your Church2022-07-12T12:33:36-06:00

5 Reasons I Came Back to the Church


By Lisa Harp Hinds If you read “5 Reasons I Left the Church”, you know that, yes, I was one of “those” who had left the church for a combination of reasons. But I came back! Wondering why? Wondering if some of the people who have left your church might return? Wondering what you could do to help them? NUMBER 5 REASON I CAME BACK TO THE CHURCH: SOMEONE WAS PRAYING FOR ME. This is huge, people! I John 5:14-16 tells us, not only can we have confidence in approaching God to ask for anything within His will, but we should pray for our brothers and [...]

5 Reasons I Came Back to the Church2022-07-12T12:34:05-06:00

Do You Turn Away From God When You Are Hurting?


By Lisa Harp Hinds Have you noticed that it seems so many Christians are turning away from God and the church lately? What makes us do that? Why do we separate from the One and the ones who care about us? First, let’s think of what the church really is. I Corinthians 12: 27-28 tells us that we “are the body of Christ, and members individually. And God has appointed these in the church…..” Verse 28 goes on to list gifts such as apostles, prophets, teachers, administrators, etc. In other words, each of us has a gift and a place to serve. Plus, we need each other [...]

Do You Turn Away From God When You Are Hurting?2022-07-12T12:34:29-06:00

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