How You Can Clarify Your Calling


by Amber Mann Riggs Growing up, we have grand dreams of adulthood. A vision of being able to fill our days with things that bring us joy and fulfillment while allowing us to make a difference. Embracing a calling. And then… Well, let’s just say that #adulting is an adequate description of the shock of some of the realities of adulthood. Dishes pile up. We find ourselves surrounded by mounds of dirty clothes that don’t fit in our “vision”. Incidentally, this vision also didn’t include investing money, sweat, and tears into an education just so we could work 12 hour days with [...]

How You Can Clarify Your Calling2023-10-26T15:30:44-06:00

How to Avoid Small Talk (And Why You Should)


by Caitlin Meadows Does anyone really like small talk? “Hi! How are you?” “I’m well, thanks! How are you?” “I’m good!” And with that, social etiquette deems both individuals free to part ways. We make small talk countless times throughout each week. On auto-pilot we ask about the other person’s well being. No second thought must be given to their answer. We generally don’t wonder if “I’m well” or “I’m good” statements are true. Trained to be polite, we hardly even listen to the response. As an ambivert who leans more toward introversion, I often handle small talk as something to get [...]

How to Avoid Small Talk (And Why You Should)2023-08-16T15:58:14-06:00

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