Why History Matters in Leadership


by Santiago Chavez Introduction One of the courses that most surprised me in seminary was cultural theology. The first two verses of Romans 12 erupted into my thoughts when I was informed it was a required course. Now, I am sincerely glad I took it. The course dealt with how changes in technology change aspects of culture which in turn affect our understanding of scripture and consequently our application of theology. A simple example is the advance of the automobile. Before the availability of cars, our experience of the world was limited to where we could walk, rarely beyond. Churches were [...]

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Why be a Leader in the General Conference?


By Jacquelyn Scott Why Be a Leader in the General Conference? Read more to find out why. When I first started taking classes through LifeSpring School of Ministry (now Artios Christian College), my main motivation was to learn more about the Bible. After the first semester, I realized that I could be a support to the leaders of my local church and of assistance to others in the congregation if I took more classes. People were coming to me for advice, so I decided that I needed to be better equipped in knowledge and spirituality. EVERY MEMBER IS A POTENTIAL LEADER Now, after taking [...]

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Our Distinctive Lens


By Brian Franks It has happened many times in my life and ministry within the Church of God (Seventh Day). On a random Sabbath morning someone I don’t know walks in the church building. I greet them and introduce myself and they respond in kind. Then they get down to business: what does Seventh Day in the name of this church mean? I tell them about our belief in the Sabbath and why it still matters today (that it especially matters today in this culture). They ask about a few other things, and I share the stances the church has on [...]

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