Spiritual Decluttering: Sparking Joy That Lasts


by Caitlin Meadows There’s something refreshing about having a new baby right around the start of a new year. My second child, Declan Clark, was born almost three months ago on November 17, 2018. I enjoyed a (mostly) slow-paced maternity leave thanks to my servant-hearted husband and our ever-helpful families and friends. Taking advantage of the slower pace, I began the process of decluttering my heart and mind. With a fresh, squishy baby in my arms I’ve come to realize some things. First, it really does go too fast! My firstborn, Hudson, just turned two years old in December. I am [...]

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Leadership Essentials: Contemplation of God’s Heart


by Andrea Slawson Reggie McNeal wrote “Christian leaders who stay online with Jesus are shaped by the heart of God.”¹ This is the passion and goal of every Christian leader. The leader who is in communication with and submission to God achieves this goal. This communication and submission “grows out of a secure relationship grounded in love.”² To do this one must be in prayer. Moreover, we must have “regular contemplation on the mysterious and gracious works of God.”³ Contemplation reminds us God is in control and “grounds us in the grace that actually empowers us to serve.”4 To contemplate is [...]

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Recovering the Lost Art of Contemplation


by Israel Steinmetz Are you a contemplative leader? Do you see yourself as a leader at all? If you are a follower of Christ, you have been re-created as a leader! Embracing your identity as a leader involves growing in qualities that increase your influence. One of these is qualities is contemplation. In 10 Qualities of Influential Christians, Amber Riggs writes, Christian leaders must draw strength from a regular contemplation on the mysterious and gracious works of God. At the end of the day, none of our efforts are responsible for our advancement, none of our works are responsible for our sanctification, none of our [...]

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