Living Jesus


by Loren Gjesdal What do you think of when you read the word “incarnation”? A baby in a manger? Jesus walking the dusty roads of Israel? How about when you read the word “resurrection”? An empty tomb? Jesus rising into the sky on a cloud? Not to be blasphemous, but why don’t you picture you, today, at home, school, or work? One of the mind-boggling truths of the Christian faith is that followers of Jesus are to be the incarnation of Jesus, the Living Jesus in the world today! Incarnation literally means “in the flesh,” and resurrection means “rising from the [...]

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For Those Who Grieve


By Whaid Rose Reflections on the passing of David Ross and words of encouragement to Makayla, her girls, and the Artios Community Life in our fallen world presents us with regular occasions to grieve. We grieve job change, loss of health, divorce, and major life transitions. But nothing rocks our world like the death of a loved one, which is what Makayla Ross, Artios’ Co-Director, just experienced. Walking with her husband David through the valley of the shadow of death for weeks, Makayla watched him take his last breath this past Sunday evening, May 16th. This isn’t the outcome I and [...]

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