Five Habits of Jesus-Followers Who Make “Christian Gossip” an Oxymoron


by Caitlin Meadows Gossip. It is to modern Christianity what speeding is to modern society. An infraction at worst. Not even a misdemeanor. We know we’re not supposed to do it and will face consequences if caught, but we comfort ourselves with the reality that everyone does it. It’s convenient. And it’s not as bad as other sins like adultery or theft. Right…? Deep down in our hearts, we know our logic is flawed. Scripture is clear on the subject. Don’t do it. But, we do. From a young age, at least in my life, gossip became a habit. For those of [...]

Five Habits of Jesus-Followers Who Make “Christian Gossip” an Oxymoron2023-10-26T14:59:53-06:00

Preaching—What’s the Point?


by Loren Gjesdal There are an estimated 380,000 churches in the United States. In the vast majority of these churches, the pulpit and the sermon take center stage (literally) in each week’s service. If each sermon were an average of just 30 minutes, that’s a whopping 190,000 hours of preaching in the United States each week! Add mid-week services and the availability of all this preaching online, and it might be time to ask, what are we to do with all these messages? What is the point of all this preaching? Is the point to teach the Word to God’s people? [...]

Preaching—What’s the Point?2023-09-05T14:43:42-06:00

Understanding Gospel Indicatives and Imperatives


By Caitlin Meadows “I’d like to be baptized someday but I don’t think I’m ready yet. I need more time.” I’ve heard statements along these lines several times. Those making this sort of statement wrongly believe that they must first be good enough before receiving the salvation that Christ offers them. Some have parents enforcing this false belief. Others grew up in congregations that focused more on how the Bible commands Jesus-followers to live and less (or not at all) on what Jesus Christ has already accomplished on their behalf. In effect, these individuals believe they have to fulfill gospel imperatives without first [...]

Understanding Gospel Indicatives and Imperatives2022-08-03T15:42:46-06:00

The Church and COVID-19


This webinar explores the ways the Church can respond to such life-altering and divisive events as COVID-19. Though deeply challenging in many ways, even events like COVID-19 and its fall-out provide the church and God many opportunities to continue the work of the Mission of God. You can register for free to view this webinar at: https://my.artioscollege.org/en/resources/10#resource   *This webinar was made possible by donors who recognize the value of this type of resource. To help us continue to make resources like this available, make a donation by clicking here: Give to Artios  

The Church and COVID-192022-07-11T09:30:49-06:00

What is the Gospel?


By Martin Cicero My church family and I have been talking about things these last few weeks that lead up to a very important question, “What is the gospel?” Before I answer that, we need to understand that many people answer the question with much excess baggage. In Section 3 of Steps to Sharing Your Faith, we read, Sometimes a theme in the Scriptures so captivates us that we are tempted to make it part of the essential message. It might be God’s love for the poor and oppressed, or His promise of prosperity to Israel, or His command to be stewards of the [...]

What is the Gospel?2022-07-12T12:39:03-06:00

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