How Conflict Can be a Good Thing


by Caitlin Meadows Conflict is the key ingredient to every compelling story. Without it, there’s no plot. This ingredient captivates the audience’s attention. The more impossible the situation, the more difficult it is to put the book down or turn the movie off. Why is this so? Human curiosity? Our tendency to relate with the protagonist? Or maybe its our familiarity with the tendency to face obstacles? Even though it is a common fact of life, conflict is widely viewed negatively as something to avoid. As influential Christian communicators facing conflict, the questions to ask ourselves are: 1.) What is the [...]

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4 Ways Active Listening Increases Your Influence


by Caitlin Meadows Everyone wants a boss who is an active listener. These sorts are a rare commodity, but when you come by one you feel like you’ve hit the career jackpot. The active listening boss is one who invites conversation. He asks for constructive feedback. She wants to know your ideas. He cares about your personal life. She puts away her devices when you approach her. A boss like this makes you feel respected and valued. He motivates you to do your job well simply by taking the time and putting in the effort to understand what you communicate. This [...]

4 Ways Active Listening Increases Your Influence2023-08-29T14:44:09-06:00

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