Spiritual Decluttering: Sparking Joy That Lasts


by Caitlin Meadows There’s something refreshing about having a new baby right around the start of a new year. My second child, Declan Clark, was born almost three months ago on November 17, 2018. I enjoyed a (mostly) slow-paced maternity leave thanks to my servant-hearted husband and our ever-helpful families and friends. Taking advantage of the slower pace, I began the process of decluttering my heart and mind. With a fresh, squishy baby in my arms I’ve come to realize some things. First, it really does go too fast! My firstborn, Hudson, just turned two years old in December. I am [...]

Spiritual Decluttering: Sparking Joy That Lasts2023-11-06T15:44:06-07:00

Is the Joy of the Lord Your Strength?


by Anita Fedoriw Where is the Joy of the Lord? I feel like I’ve failed my husband because…. I feel like I’ve failed my children because… I feel like I’ve failed my friends because…. Oh, God, I grieve over my past sins, stumblings, and failures, the way I have disappointed You and hurt others in the process. They say as you get older, the more you look back in time. I believe this is true. And as the years go by, while there are many opportunities to do good, there have been many times of not, where I have given into [...]

Is the Joy of the Lord Your Strength?2023-10-26T14:35:15-06:00

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