Word Meanings and Worldviews


by Martin Cicero Years ago, I read that if we change the meaning of our words, we end up changing history if we aren’t careful. We tend to use the modern definition of a word, which changes the meaning of what was intended by writers of years ago. Word Meanings Change over the Years As an example, a hundred years ago someone might have written, “God is awful.” Everyone during that time understood that they were talking about a God that was awe-inspiring, amazing, and simply magnificent. Today we would read that sentence and say that the writer doesn’t like God [...]

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Is Peace Lost or Missing Among Us Today?


by Peter Youngs In these difficult days we live in, every country in the world is struggling with finances, anger, war, and disease. Each one of us from the goodness of our hearts wants to understand our world and the communities where we live. And we may wonder if we can or should do something about it. We are the people of God, the salt of the earth. We must be a light to others. Surely, we can understand. And with the help of God, we can encourage and help others understand it. And so, we speak, we talk, we may [...]

Is Peace Lost or Missing Among Us Today?2023-08-16T15:54:50-06:00

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