Are You an Emotionally Healthy Leader?


by Kurt Lang “Be sure to secure your own mask before assisting others.” You’ve heard this instruction about oxygen masks every time you are waiting for your airplane to take off. Is it just me, or does this just rub you the wrong way, too? Hopefully you have been trained to help others and desire to put others before yourself (Ro. 12:3, 10), especially when it comes to your own children! If my child needs oxygen, I don’t want to be messing around with my own mask while my son is passing out. What kind of father would I be? But [...]

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Leadership Context: Are You a Leader in the Church?


by Loren Gjesdal Leadership cannot take place in a vacuum. By definition, leadership requires at least 2 people (one to lead and one or more to be led), and almost always takes place within some organizational context, whether formal or informal. Imagine, for instance, a formal context of leadership. Imagine you were hired to an executive position at Apple, such as Director of New Product Development. What are some of the questions you might have? Who is on the team? What are our objectives? What are our resources, procedures and limitations? To fulfill your new role, you would need to know [...]

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Born to Lead


by Loren Gjesdal Are you a born leader?  Most people will answer that question with a resounding, “No!” It seems that even those we hold up as leaders in the church, don’t consider themselves to be natural leaders. “George Barna conducted a survey of senior pastors from across various denominations. When asked if they believed they had the spiritual gift of leadership, only 6 percent responded yes.”¹ God, however, says all believers are to be leaders. “Christian leadership is Christlike influence.”² Isn’t that exactly what is meant by Paul’s instruction to be ambassadors for Christ? (2 Cor 5:20) How can the [...]

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What it takes to Grow People Spiritually: Reflecting on Dallas Willard’s not so surprising strategy


by Whaid Rose The late Dallas Willard gave this surprising answer to a question posed by a pastor as to how to help his people grow spiritually: “You must arrange your days so that you are experiencing deep contentment, joy, and confidence in your everyday life with God.” Willard was one of the most brilliant Christian thinkers of our generation. A trained philosopher, he was a Professor in the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) for decades. Willard Offered Advice on Spiritual Formation Dallas Willard was not only a philosopher; he was a theologian with a [...]

What it takes to Grow People Spiritually: Reflecting on Dallas Willard’s not so surprising strategy2023-11-06T15:32:37-07:00

Why Jesus-Followers Should See Themselves as Leaders


by Amber Mann Riggs You may not be in the habit of thinking of yourself as a leader. Few of us are. For some, the idea of leadership is intimidating. Others want to lead but don’t feel they are given the opportunity. Some lead in the background without the recognition traditionally associated with leadership. Still others are recognized as leaders but doubt their ability to lead. However, if you are a Christian, whether you hold a title of leadership or not and whether you serve in a position of church leadership or not, there are some very compelling reasons to start thinking of [...]

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Leadership Essentials: Christ-Centered Character


by Michael Mancha We all remember the childhood game Follow the Leader. Whatever the leader does, you do. Wherever the leader goes, you go. We all understand leadership from an early age. We experience all kinds of leadership examples in our lives especially in the form of Christian leadership. While there are a number of characteristics vital to Christian leadership, none are more important than character. The character of a Christian leader stands as the basis for their role because character is a reflection of communion with God, it conveys moral authority, and it breeds healthy followers. Character and Communion In [...]

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The Leadership Conversation: What is a Leader?


by Mary Meadows Do you identify as a leader? If you had asked me this question three years ago I would have called you crazy. I am an extreme introvert. As a result, the thought of being a leader—of telling people what to do or making decisions for a group—made me want to retreat to my quiet corner of the world and hide behind the cover of a book. Not only am I an introvert, but I’m really good at helping out behind the scenes. Do you need kitchen help at a church hosted dinner? No problem! Music selected and organized [...]

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Becoming a Great Leader – an Overnight Success


by Chip Hinds When you consider your leadership, do you think of it as a vocation, a science, a skill anyone can acquire or as something that some just happen to be gifted to do, and others without that special gifting have no hope of attaining? Neither picture is truly accurate. It is like being a theologian. One way or another, everyone’s a theologian. The atheist contends there is no god and hence establishes his theology. Another person contends one cannot know if there is a god and owns the consequences of his theology. The observant person recognizes the existence of [...]

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What are the Essentials of Spiritual Leadership?


by Whaid Rose Essentials of Spiritual Leadership On January 13, 2012, the Italian cruise ship, Costa Concordia, ran aground in shallow waters near Isola del Giglio, off the coast of Tuscany. A total of 32 lives were lost, and hundreds of passengers had to be rescued from the capsized vessel. The incident drew much attention, most of which focused on what was obvious to the most casual observer: this accident could have been easily avoided. The Costa Concordia, which was on its first leg of a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, deviated from its planned route and sailed close to shore [...]

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Quiet Influence: 6 Tips for the Introverted Leader


by Mary Meadows Hi, my name is Mary, and I am an introvert. I am also a leader. If you had asked me what leadership meant 5 years ago, I might have glanced up from a book and said that leaders are people “in charge” who tell others what to do. At this point, if our conversation wasn’t already over, I would have reopened my book and returned to the fictional world between its pages. What is Leadership? My definition of leadership has since gone through a radical change. It began when I took some extra credit leadership courses in college. [...]

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