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by Lisa Harp Hinds Are you looking for a ministry to partner with? Do you desire a deeper insight into who God is? Is your prayer life not what you think it ought to be? Find Your Calling Consider enrolling in one of Artios Christian College’s programs! Artios has a program for every Christ-follower – the full-time pastor, the bi-vocational pastor, the local pastor, the worship leader, the prayer ministry leader, the youth leader, and everyone who makes up a part of the body of Christ. We are here to assist you in becoming the Christian leader God wants you to [...]

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Leadership Essentials: Clarity of Vision


by Dirk Anderson In 1966, Star Trek first aired on television. It featured gadgets such as the communicator, wireless earpieces, the hypospray, and the medical tricorder. Fifty years later all those devices have materialized in our world. We have flip-phones, Bluetooth, jet injectors, and the Scanadu SCOUT medical device.¹ The visionary behind Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, not only imagined a future world with cool gadgets, but also communicated the vision of a money-less Earth without greed, hunger, or poverty. Moreover, he imagined a society where all races, including aliens, live in peace and harmony. We have yet to see if the [...]

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Resonant Leadership: 6 Tips for the Extroverted Leader


by Mary Meadows Our culture is obsessed with extroverts. These friendly, sociable, outgoing people are idealized in the morning news, our social media feeds, and our work places. This extroverted ideal is especially prevalent in leadership. Because extroverts crave external stimulation, they are often looked to as natural leaders. Researchers estimate that 50 to 74 percent of the U.S. population is extroverted.¹ Other studies have shown that an astounding 96 percent of leaders and managers report being extroverted!² We’ve already established that leadership is not dependent on personality. Through Christ we have all been recreated to be leaders, and we are [...]

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Why Your Church Needs a Team of Leaders


by Amber Mann Riggs   Dry Rot was a destitute place. The people there were hungry. All that hunger led to stealing. And stealing led to suspicion, and suspicion led to…well, you get the picture. But outside of Dry Rot, there were hundreds of acres of farmland. One day, the man who had inherited the land passed through the town and realized he had enough farmland to get rid of Dry Rot’s hunger problem for good. He only had a few hours to spend there, for he was on a very long journey, but he quickly purchased a book on farming, [...]

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10 Qualities of Influential Christians


by Amber Mann Riggs All Christians have the capacity to influence the people around us to live in such a way that reflects Jesus’ heart for the world. It doesn’t matter how wide your circle of influence is – how many friends, kids, Facebook acquaintances, or twitter followers you have, how large your church or community is, or how many work associates you have. What matters is the potential for depth in your realms of influence. When it comes to depth of influence, even though all Christians are re-created as leaders, there is a significant difference between passive leaders and active leaders: active leaders [...]

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A Coach for Everyone! Tapping a resource you can’t afford to lead without


by Whaid Rose A mentee of mine now has a professional coach at his disposal, compliments of the large high-tech company he works for. He didn’t ask for a coach; he was assigned one. And so were everyone else in his division. At face value, providing a career coach to its employees is this company’s way of acknowledging the toll the Pandemic has taken on everyone and offering support. But there’s more behind this strategic move. Beyond responding to the impact of the Pandemic, it is driven by an awareness of the relationship between coaching and the overall success of its [...]

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How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 3


by Jacquelyn Scott There are various ways that all of us, including our international brethren, can go about implementing plans of action to promote mental wellness among our congregations: Leadership Assessment, Care and Accountability 1. Every leader who desires to do so can take some form of self-assessment evaluation, such as the one found in The Emotionally Healthy Leader.[1] This would pave the way for each of them to determine if there are areas in their lives that could benefit from special attention. But before that, they should take the time and effort to seek God’s counsel, not just a few [...]

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How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 2


by Jacquelyn Scott People have been made to feel guilty about their illness. In talking to people at the various meetings and workshops that I have attended, I have heard that some people have left their church because of the way that they or a family member were treated after it was discovered that they had a mental or emotional disturbance. Also, people have been made to feel guilty about their illness in a way that would not be done if they had a physical ailment. Some have turned away from the church Some have turned away from the church because [...]

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3 Areas Everyday Christian Leaders Practice Contentment


by Caitlin Meadows As followers of Christ we are leaders in our everyday lives. Wherever we are, whoever we are with – we have the opportunity and call to point them to Christ. Contentment is a quality of everyday Christian leaders because it means we trust God’s authority over and directing of our lives. The contented Christian rests in Christ’s sufficiency with gratitude for all He provides. Therefore, our focus is on magnifying God’s Kingdom rather than our own. Defining Contentment. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, when one is contented one is “feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or [...]

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In Search of Character


by Whaid Rose Character Formation To set the stage for this article, it is necessary to reveal something of my dark past: I once got into trouble in high school! It was an incident involving my entire homeroom class. The teacher didn’t show up, and we kids seized the opportunity to goof off. Apparently, it was noisy enough to get the principal’s attention. This was back in the ‘70s in Jamaica where punishment was still being administered corporally in public schools, so his arrival at our homeroom naturally prompted fear. But his reaction caught the class off guard. He quietly walked [...]

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