Why be a Leader in the General Conference?


By Jacquelyn Scott Why Be a Leader in the General Conference? Read more to find out why. When I first started taking classes through LifeSpring School of Ministry (now Artios Christian College), my main motivation was to learn more about the Bible. After the first semester, I realized that I could be a support to the leaders of my local church and of assistance to others in the congregation if I took more classes. People were coming to me for advice, so I decided that I needed to be better equipped in knowledge and spirituality. EVERY MEMBER IS A POTENTIAL LEADER Now, after taking [...]

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Restored and Re-Storied: An Interview with Mary DeMuth


By Caitlin Meadows Recently, I discovered a woman named Mary DeMuth. She is an author (of 31 books, so far), a public speaker, and the host of a podcast. Her message is simple but profound: Jesus Christ has taken her broken past and restored her to Himself. In doing so, He has also re-storied her, showcasing His beauty and might through her former heartache and suffering. God has restored and re-storied her and He is eager to do the same for the rest of us. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new [...]

Restored and Re-Storied: An Interview with Mary DeMuth2022-08-03T15:59:30-06:00

Why be a Leader in the Church?


By Daniel Aleman When you answer the call to be a leader in your church denomination, you will find your place among others who serve Christ. This article is focused on the denomination of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) or COG7, but the points of the article that focus on serving in your church and the challenges Christian churches face today may be applied to all Christian denominations. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,”[1] are words many Christians have heard throughout their years attending worship services. Most could even recite the words of Jesus [...]

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Always More to Learn: An Interview with Karen Stacy


By Caitlin Meadows On Sabbath morning you’ll find Karen Stacy in her classroom captivating the group of busy, bustling children around her. Though small in stature herself, she maintains a balance of gentleness and command. Occasionally she’ll throw in a little song to help her students focus as they learn. Her goal? That each child will develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ is and of their personal need for Him. For over forty years she has voluntarily devoted her time, energy, prayers, talents, and passion in this capacity. Children’s education, especially their Christian education, is her calling. Throughout her adult [...]

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The Church and Mental Health


This webinar explores the ways an isolating event like COVID-19 have pushed mental health needs to the forefront in our culture. Join us as our panel of mental health professionals discuss topics of mental health such as: how leaders can move past the stigmas of mental health in their selves and those they serve, how to thrive and flourish in challenging circumstances, how to respond to serious mental health trauma and more. This webinar includes a downloadable handbook as well. You can register to view this webinar for free at: https://my.artioscollege.org/en/resources/23#resource   *This webinar was made possible by donors who recognize [...]

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Jesus’ Secrets to Saving Parents’ Sanity


By Amber Riggs Being a parent is intimidating. It isn’t just the funhouse of potty-training, bedtime (why won’t they sleep?!), sibling squabbles, schoolwork, table manners, and housework that threaten my sanity…it’s the knowledge that I have to navigate this maze of mirrors while actually teaching them things. Important things. I have to teach them, these four daughters of mine, not just to master basic life skills, but to follow Jesus without my daily coaching. Oh, and keep them alive. That’s a lot of pressure. Pressure I could easily crack under. Of course, my newsfeed and Google are always faithfully standing by ready to identify [...]

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Influential Faith: What is it and Why Does it Matter?


By Amber Mann Riggs As my sighs of longing join in the requiem for a groaning earth, I know I’m not alone. Together, our sighs compose a refrain of a Church who wants our faith to be influential in our culture. Taking in the world around me, I can’t help but dream of being a conduit of healing and change. I see things that aren’t right with the world, and I want to make them right. As a Church, we curate idyllic pictures of a more perfect world and then pour our energy and resources into words, ministries, and social media posts [...]

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Evangelism and Discipleship: Jesus is Not a Used Car


By Loren Gjesdal “Let me tell you about the features of this little gem….what would it take to get you in this beauty today?” The traditional car-buying process is almost no one’s idea of a good time. The stereotype is of slick salesmen using high pressure tactics that emphasize benefits, minimizing costs, while pushing for an immediate decision. Some evangelistic techniques have been criticized as little better than selling Jesus like a used car, with the interaction just about as enjoyable for all involved. Is there a better way to think about evangelism other than getting someone to “sign on the dotted line?” [...]

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Building Beautiful Churches for Jesus


By Whaid Rose Building Beautiful Churches for Jesus: Why the post-COVID church must redefine itself and its mission. Once upon a time a local church decided to build larger facilities to accommodate its rapid growth. It was a wealthy church, so it spent lavishly in making sure the new campus was the finest in town. Building program complete, an auspicious dedication event was convened. The keynote speaker was a former senior pastor who had national name recognition, which drew community and media attention. But as he arose to deliver his message, the appearance of a giant hand high above the stage—as [...]

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What Millennials Want the Church to Know


By Caitlin Meadows What do those currently ages 17 to 40 have in common? They are millennials. That’s a 23 year age gap! Beyond claiming the same generational status, 17 year olds and 40 year olds have little in common. Commenting on this broad age range in her recent article, 6 Reasons I’m Excited to be a Millennial, Amber Riggs notes: As a pioneering millennial 1 I had the opportunity to embrace this label and all of the hopefulness it encompassed and allow it to engender a healthy pride in my generation – a pride that seems to have been harassed out of millennials who stepped into adulthood [...]

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