Fine-tuned World


by Martin Cicero When talking about evolution versus creation, there is a phrase that makes all the difference in the world: “fine-tuned argument.” This is a phrase that we need to remember. I have read that some of the greatest atheist scientists try not to deal with a fine-tuned argument. So, what is a fine-tuned argument? According to Eric Metaxas of, this is a fine-tuned argument: “There are certain things about our universe – and about our planet – that seem to be so extremely perfectly calibrated that they can hardly be coincidental.” Creation Is Fact and Evolution Is the [...]

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For Those Who Grieve


By Whaid Rose Reflections on the passing of David Ross and words of encouragement to Makayla, her girls, and the Artios Community Life in our fallen world presents us with regular occasions to grieve. We grieve job change, loss of health, divorce, and major life transitions. But nothing rocks our world like the death of a loved one, which is what Makayla Ross, Artios’ Co-Director, just experienced. Walking with her husband David through the valley of the shadow of death for weeks, Makayla watched him take his last breath this past Sunday evening, May 16th. This isn’t the outcome I and [...]

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What Our Stress Tells Us About Our Work


By Amber Riggs There are these little markers in my life that let me know when I’m not managing stress well. My patience with my kids tanks. I become too busy to eat. When I get in bed at night, the very act of being still will trigger nervous twitching. I’ll avoid doing things that need to be done and perpetually put them off “until tomorrow”. Instead of going to bed, I will “wind down” by staying up way too late watching a Hallmark movie. Once I get in bed, my social media feeds will be treated to a few extra [...]

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Three Ways We Get Vocation Wrong


By Amber Riggs A huge chunk of your life revolves around your work. It isn’t just clocking in, clocking out, and everything between. You plan your entire day around your work. It determines when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you eat, and when you play. When it comes to being a Christian who works, we find ourselves asking questions about how our job fits in with God’s plan for our lives. My job doesn’t give me any sense of purpose; does God care? Am I doing what God wants me to do? or maybe How can I serve God more when I [...]

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Moving from Success to Significance: A Compelling Strategy for Maximizing Life’s Second Half


By Whaid Rose When I turned 50 I took time off to read a book which had been on my reading list for some time. The book is titled Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance, by Bob Buford. It connects that transition period during a ballgame with that point in a person’s life when a new game plan is needed for maximizing life’s second half. In a ballgame, allowances are made for mistakes and fumbles in the first half. But as the clock winds down to zero, the players know they must give it everything they have. So it is in the game [...]

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