Gospel-Centered Preaching | Summer Seminar 2022


Presented by The Artios Center for Vibrant Leadership A SEMINAR FOR THOSE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF PREACHING! Register here: English - Spanish - **This event has already taken place. Register to watch the recording.** This seminar is offered for a suggested donation of $30. If you didn’t make a donation and would like to, you may do here. Thanks for your generous support to make resources like this possible.

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Preaching—What’s the Point?


by Loren Gjesdal There are an estimated 380,000 churches in the United States. In the vast majority of these churches, the pulpit and the sermon take center stage (literally) in each week’s service. If each sermon were an average of just 30 minutes, that’s a whopping 190,000 hours of preaching in the United States each week! Add mid-week services and the availability of all this preaching online, and it might be time to ask, what are we to do with all these messages? What is the point of all this preaching? Is the point to teach the Word to God’s people? [...]

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