Scripture Alone…But Not Alone with Scripture


By Amber Riggs Alone with the unknown creature, the blind man caressed its skin, memorizing each wrinkle and marveling at the gentle strength of the tall, snakelike animal. “Come! Come see this animal! I’ve never met anything like it!” he called to his friend as he backed away to give the friend a turn. The friend, also blind, approached the creature from a different angle. Instead of silently marveling at a tall snakelike creature, his hands examined what felt like a living tree trunk. Still, he was amazed and passed on the exciting invitation to a third blind friend and backed [...]

Scripture Alone…But Not Alone with Scripture2022-07-11T10:25:33-06:00

How Can I Be More Consistent in Reading the Bible Everyday?


By Andrew Fernandez BIBLE READING – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL It is easy to neglect our spiritual needs when we feel that all the physical work to be done each day is crying out to us before we even wake up. Let alone all the shows, movies, video games, and tasty social media “chit-chat” to catch up on. We will often choose to sit and think about random facts before we will pick up a Bible and read it. We are a busy people, and when we are not busy, we prefer to be distracted with a million simple pleasures 1. So, [...]

How Can I Be More Consistent in Reading the Bible Everyday?2022-06-30T13:03:29-06:00

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