Why It’s Hard for me To Sabbath


By Amber Riggs Sabbath. It’s what “Hakuna Matata” wishes it could really be. No worrying. About anything. For all eternity. And with thousands of years of history it certainly “ain’t no passin’ craze.” It’s why the Friday sunset triggers a welcomed off-switch from the crazy busyness of my life.  No laundry, vacuuming, or making beds. Or fretting about finances. Or checking my work email. Or wiping myself out in the name of pleasure. Or trying to figure out how much I can check off of my to-do list. For 24 solid, amazing hours. BECAUSE SABBATH IS A CONCEPT THAT EMBODIES THIS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF [...]

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Why Sabbath is Meant to be Simple


By Amber Riggs I’ll never forget my family’s first Sabbath gathering back with our church after thirteen weeks of covid-related cancellations. My four daughters could barely contain their excitement. They had dressed and prepared breakfast for themselves before I even crawled out of bed. At their young ages, my daughters have fallen in love with the church and the vision it represents. Likewise, when the first representatives of humanity spent that first day delighting in the Garden, God was giving them an opportunity to fall in love with His vision. Could they imagine replacing the Wilderness around the Garden with this lush peace of beauty? [...]

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