Quiet Influence: 6 Tips for the Introverted Leader


by Mary Meadows Hi, my name is Mary, and I am an introvert. I am also a leader. If you had asked me what leadership meant 5 years ago, I might have glanced up from a book and said that leaders are people “in charge” who tell others what to do. At this point, if our conversation wasn’t already over, I would have reopened my book and returned to the fictional world between its pages. What is Leadership? My definition of leadership has since gone through a radical change. It began when I took some extra credit leadership courses in college. [...]

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Resonant Leadership: 6 Tips for the Extroverted Leader


by Mary Meadows Our culture is obsessed with extroverts. These friendly, sociable, outgoing people are idealized in the morning news, our social media feeds, and our work places. This extroverted ideal is especially prevalent in leadership. Because extroverts crave external stimulation, they are often looked to as natural leaders. Researchers estimate that 50 to 74 percent of the U.S. population is extroverted.¹ Other studies have shown that an astounding 96 percent of leaders and managers report being extroverted!² We’ve already established that leadership is not dependent on personality. Through Christ we have all been recreated to be leaders, and we are [...]

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Why Your Church Needs a Team of Leaders


by Amber Mann Riggs   Dry Rot was a destitute place. The people there were hungry. All that hunger led to stealing. And stealing led to suspicion, and suspicion led to…well, you get the picture. But outside of Dry Rot, there were hundreds of acres of farmland. One day, the man who had inherited the land passed through the town and realized he had enough farmland to get rid of Dry Rot’s hunger problem for good. He only had a few hours to spend there, for he was on a very long journey, but he quickly purchased a book on farming, [...]

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A Coach for Everyone! Tapping a resource you can’t afford to lead without


by Whaid Rose A mentee of mine now has a professional coach at his disposal, compliments of the large high-tech company he works for. He didn’t ask for a coach; he was assigned one. And so were everyone else in his division. At face value, providing a career coach to its employees is this company’s way of acknowledging the toll the Pandemic has taken on everyone and offering support. But there’s more behind this strategic move. Beyond responding to the impact of the Pandemic, it is driven by an awareness of the relationship between coaching and the overall success of its [...]

A Coach for Everyone! Tapping a resource you can’t afford to lead without2023-08-24T14:15:17-06:00

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