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In With the New


by Kurt Lang “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”[1] If you are a reader like me, you might be wondering, “Well? Why weren’t they written? I want to know more of the story!” For whatever reason, God decided that what we have is enough. He must be reminding us that quality is better than quantity. So what do we have in the pages of the New Testament? The Rest of the Story The 39 books of the [...]

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Why History Matters in Leadership


by Santiago Chavez Introduction One of the courses that most surprised me in seminary was cultural theology. The first two verses of Romans 12 erupted into my thoughts when I was informed it was a required course. Now, I am sincerely glad I took it. The course dealt with how changes in technology change aspects of culture which in turn affect our understanding of scripture and consequently our application of theology. A simple example is the advance of the automobile. Before the availability of cars, our experience of the world was limited to where we could walk, rarely beyond. Churches were [...]

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A Biblical Expedition


by Chinelle Flood Biblical Interpretation might be better described as an Interpretive Expedition. Why an expedition? The word “expedition” has a tantalizing ring to it. It instantly perks the senses to something far beyond a mere trip across town to the local hardware store. It hints at adventure, fills the air with spices, peeks in on exotic locations, and has treasure hunters expediting their passports. By the time a Bible student makes their way through the journey of interpretation, they will have been transported back to an ancient time, observed sacred yet living texts, discerned their purpose, touched what is holy, [...]

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3 Strategies for More Honest Biblical Interpretation


by Brian Franks It’s an encouragement and a challenge you’ll often hear from the pulpit. Pastors will prescribe it in visitation. It’s often the right answer at the end of a sermon or lesson. Read your Bible. Certain denominations place a huge emphasis on regular Bible reading, either in the service or at home or both. Indeed, it is a very important discipline and can also be a great joy. However, there are some pitfalls to Bible reading that don’t get mentioned as often as the phrase, ”read your Bible.” Often, in following the guidance to “read your Bible,” the believer [...]

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Fine-tuned Heart


by Martin Cicero For this article, I was struggling as to whether I wanted to talk about the heart or the brain. There is so much detail that I can’t see how either one happened by chance. The brain has approximately 86 billion neurons in our brains, woven together by an estimated 100 trillion connections, or synapses. The heart, on the other hand, beats approximately 115,000 times a day and is connected to a blood vessel system that, if stretched out, would extend approximately 1,500 miles. The heart is an organ, a muscle at the center of our circulatory system. It [...]

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Fine-tuned Eye


by Martin Cicero Have you ever thought about the human eye and what it takes for us to see? Dr. Faris Ghosheh, who specializes in corneal transplantation, cataracts and refractive surgery, gets us started: To process vision, the light reflected from an object in our field of view is gathered by the cornea. The cornea then refracts the light rays through the pupil (the center of the iris where light enters the eye). The iris then passes the image onto the crystalline lens. The lens in the eye focuses the light rays, projecting them to a point at the back of [...]

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Fine-tuned Water


by Martin Cicero As I continue to look at our world and how fine-tuned it is, I am so amazed at how God put it all together. Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist, wrote this about our world being fine-tuned, “There is now broad agreement among physicists and cosmologists that the Universe is in several respects ‘fine-tuned’ for life.” Our world and our universe, and even our own bodies, have been fine-tuned for life. Today I want to continue by looking at something we tend to take for granted: water. Without it there would be no life! The Basics of Water Let’s [...]

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Fine-tuned World


by Martin Cicero When talking about evolution versus creation, there is a phrase that makes all the difference in the world: “fine-tuned argument.” This is a phrase that we need to remember. I have read that some of the greatest atheist scientists try not to deal with a fine-tuned argument. So, what is a fine-tuned argument? According to Eric Metaxas of, this is a fine-tuned argument: “There are certain things about our universe – and about our planet – that seem to be so extremely perfectly calibrated that they can hardly be coincidental.” Creation Is Fact and Evolution Is the [...]

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From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 4


by Amber Mann Riggs Christianity is changing. Not in the core essentials that were affirmed by the apostles. But rather, the way we talk about, communicate, and even view our faith has changed radically in the past few decades. Anyone who spends much time reading serious analysis of 21st century Christianity, culture, and ministry will frequently come across the term “postmodernity”. Indeed, much of our understanding of culture is directly dependent on our ability to understand postmodernity. This series of four articles is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of postmodernity and its significance to the conversation of Christianity [...]

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From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 3


by Amber Mann Riggs “It seems like we are speaking two different languages.” If you have ever thought this, you aren’t alone. As religion columnist Phyllis Tickle observed, approximately every 500 years, Western culture—and the Church in particular—undergoes such a significant change in paradigms that words often develop two sets of meanings. True to the pattern, we are currently in an era of significant transformation.¹ Anyone who spends much time reading serious analysis of 21st century Christianity, culture, and ministry is going to come across the term “postmodernity”. Indeed, much of our understanding of culture is directly dependent on our ability [...]

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