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Are You an Emotionally Healthy Leader?


by Kurt Lang “Be sure to secure your own mask before assisting others.” You’ve heard this instruction about oxygen masks every time you are waiting for your airplane to take off. Is it just me, or does this just rub you the wrong way, too? Hopefully you have been trained to help others and desire to put others before yourself (Ro. 12:3, 10), especially when it comes to your own children! If my child needs oxygen, I don’t want to be messing around with my own mask while my son is passing out. What kind of father would I be? But [...]

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Why Communicating Boundaries is Good


by Caitlin Meadows Have you set appropriate boundaries in your life? One way to evaluate this is to consider your relationship with the word “no”. Do you mind hearing it as an answer? Do you cringe with discomfort when it’s the answer you want to give? I lean more toward the latter. Throughout my teens and early adulthood I was prone to over-commit myself at church, school, and with my friends. I felt pressure to have an adequate reason for my denial and often said yes just to avoid potential conflict. I’d inevitably vent to my parents, complaining about how I felt [...]

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Who Aren’t You Loving, Christian?


by Caitlin Meadows When I think of Jesus’ parable of the “good Samaritan”, an image of Larry the Cucumber wearing a boot as a hat comes to mind. But, the parable is much more meaningful than a bunch of vegetable characters throwing shoes and pots back and forth until one decides to be kind to the other. Jesus’ story about the “good Samaritan” is a picture of one who is genuinely loving his neighbor. It is an example of what it looks like to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all [...]

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The Ministry of Walking Alongside Those in Need


by Santiago Chavez I heard my inner voice repeatedly telling me to keep it together, but his tears and quivering lower lip pushed me over the edge. A warm tear drop fogged my vision and rolled past my glasses down my cheek. He could barely get the words out, “I can’t believe I let myself do that. I must be some sort of monster.” His addiction had taken him further than he wanted to go and cost him far more than he was willing to pay. His wife discovered the activity and was so wounded that she issued the ultimatum, “Get [...]

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How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 3


by Jacquelyn Scott There are various ways that all of us, including our international brethren, can go about implementing plans of action to promote mental wellness among our congregations: Leadership Assessment, Care and Accountability 1. Every leader who desires to do so can take some form of self-assessment evaluation, such as the one found in The Emotionally Healthy Leader.[1] This would pave the way for each of them to determine if there are areas in their lives that could benefit from special attention. But before that, they should take the time and effort to seek God’s counsel, not just a few [...]

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How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 2


by Jacquelyn Scott People have been made to feel guilty about their illness. In talking to people at the various meetings and workshops that I have attended, I have heard that some people have left their church because of the way that they or a family member were treated after it was discovered that they had a mental or emotional disturbance. Also, people have been made to feel guilty about their illness in a way that would not be done if they had a physical ailment. Some have turned away from the church Some have turned away from the church because [...]

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How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 1


by Jacquelyn Scott Forming a network of support and accountability As we transition into the next decade, there is no time to waver between the world and the Kingdom. Those of us who have taken on the mantle of “Christian Leader” must be good stewards of the commission that has been bestowed upon us. The responsibility for being ambassadors of God’s Word is not to be taken lightly. None of us are perfect, but we must strive for perfection in carrying out the duties that have been given us. Having a sound mind is essential to assure that we do no [...]

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Mental Health and the Church: S.O.S


by Jacquelyn Scott Mental Health and the Church: Save Our Slighted This is an urgent call to all leaders within the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day). There is a segment of our brethren (in, and outside of our denomination) that is being underserved, and if we are to call ourselves Christians, we must make an immediate, unified effort to bring them back into the fold. Those of whom I speak are the ones who have left the church, not because of disagreements with policy or doctrine, but because of the way they were treated when they were [...]

Mental Health and the Church: S.O.S2023-08-24T13:31:24-06:00

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