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In With the New


by Kurt Lang “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”[1] If you are a reader like me, you might be wondering, “Well? Why weren’t they written? I want to know more of the story!” For whatever reason, God decided that what we have is enough. He must be reminding us that quality is better than quantity. So what do we have in the pages of the New Testament? The Rest of the Story The 39 books of the [...]

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Stewardship, Accountability and Administration


by Loren Gjesdal Few words inspire yawns faster than “administration.” Immediately, images of forms to be filled out and bureaucratic hurdles to be leaped come to mind. Yet we all agree with the Biblical principles of good stewardship and accountability. So, let’s consider for a moment how Church Administration helps us be good, accountable stewards. First, a definition. A steward is someone who has been entrusted to oversee another’s resources. Good stewardship then is the productive use of those resources in accomplishing the owner’s objectives. Two parables Jesus told will help us think about our role as stewards in His present [...]

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Why History Matters in Leadership


by Santiago Chavez Introduction One of the courses that most surprised me in seminary was cultural theology. The first two verses of Romans 12 erupted into my thoughts when I was informed it was a required course. Now, I am sincerely glad I took it. The course dealt with how changes in technology change aspects of culture which in turn affect our understanding of scripture and consequently our application of theology. A simple example is the advance of the automobile. Before the availability of cars, our experience of the world was limited to where we could walk, rarely beyond. Churches were [...]

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Reaching Our Redemptive Potential: An important lesson from the life of Moses


by Whaid Rose I wasn’t prepared for this statement: “Moses was an amazing leader who never reached his redemptive potential.” I was half asleep, listening to religious TV, when this comment jolted me fully awake. No way, I thought. Put that on some other Bible character, not Moses. I immediately thought of all the virtues ascribed to Moses in Scripture: the man who “knew God face to face” (Exodus 33:11), and “the meekest man who ever lived” (Numbers 12:3), etc. Outside of Scripture, there is broad consensus that, among mere men, Moses is the greatest spiritual leader who ever lived! So, [...]

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3 Strategies for More Honest Biblical Interpretation


by Brian Franks It’s an encouragement and a challenge you’ll often hear from the pulpit. Pastors will prescribe it in visitation. It’s often the right answer at the end of a sermon or lesson. Read your Bible. Certain denominations place a huge emphasis on regular Bible reading, either in the service or at home or both. Indeed, it is a very important discipline and can also be a great joy. However, there are some pitfalls to Bible reading that don’t get mentioned as often as the phrase, ”read your Bible.” Often, in following the guidance to “read your Bible,” the believer [...]

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The Ministry You’re Already Doing: The Top 4 Ministry Myths


by Israel Steinmetz I’d love to be involved in a ministry. My life is just so crazy right now. Or perhaps you think you don’t have the skills/gifts or you haven’t found the right place to serve. However, if you are a Christian, the reality is that you are probably already engaged in ministry! It may just be that you aren’t aware of it. This kind of thinking is driven by what I call the Top Four Ministry Myths. Myths typically develop from stories that are told generation after generation until they’re believed, no matter how contrary to reality they might be. Sadly, [...]

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How You Can Clarify Your Calling


by Amber Mann Riggs Growing up, we have grand dreams of adulthood. A vision of being able to fill our days with things that bring us joy and fulfillment while allowing us to make a difference. Embracing a calling. And then… Well, let’s just say that #adulting is an adequate description of the shock of some of the realities of adulthood. Dishes pile up. We find ourselves surrounded by mounds of dirty clothes that don’t fit in our “vision”. Incidentally, this vision also didn’t include investing money, sweat, and tears into an education just so we could work 12 hour days with [...]

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Find Your Calling and Engage It! Partner with Artios!


by Lisa Harp Hinds Are you looking for a ministry to partner with? Do you desire a deeper insight into who God is? Is your prayer life not what you think it ought to be? Find Your Calling Consider enrolling in one of Artios Christian College’s programs! Artios has a program for every Christ-follower – the full-time pastor, the bi-vocational pastor, the local pastor, the worship leader, the prayer ministry leader, the youth leader, and everyone who makes up a part of the body of Christ. We are here to assist you in becoming the Christian leader God wants you to [...]

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Fulfilling Your Purpose: How “The Call” Can Clarify Your Focus


by Caitlin Meadows As a young girl, I innately sensed that I was called. To what? I didn’t know. High school graduation arrived and with it, the time to choose a career path. So many tears were shed as I pleaded with God – what do You want me to do? I felt unsettled choosing a secular education to lead me to a secular profession. Yet, the desire for missions work or obviously “Christian”, “churchy” jobs was absent. Though I knew without a doubt that I was called by God, He wasn’t providing me with a complete and clear picture. This struggle [...]

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Leadership Essentials: Character and Spiritual Leadership


by Loren Stacy Can you imagine a church leader who lacks personal character? Who gossips, who lies, or who cannot be trusted to keep his promises? Can you imagine a church leader who is unfaithful to his wife, to his family, to his church and to his God? Unfortunately, one need not imagine such a church leader. Church leaders who actually have done such things stain the pages of church history. More unfortunately, many current church leaders continue in these sinful behaviors. Those who are famous make headlines when their character failures are exposed. Ironically, it often is their hunger for [...]

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