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Faith of our Mothers: Honoring the Church Mothers


by Amber Mann Riggs Our eyes would connect at our church service each week as we sought one another out to embrace. Her eyes, tired from the failing health associated with a long-life-well-lived – and mine, exhausted from a lack of sleep well-known to mothers of four young children. Unrelated except through the blood of Christ, she let me call her Grandma Marybell, and I delighted in hearing her South Texas drawl pronounce me a granddaughter. We had only been part of the same congregation for a few years, so over the span of her life we actually spent relatively little [...]

Faith of our Mothers: Honoring the Church Mothers2023-09-12T15:16:11-06:00

How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 2


by Jacquelyn Scott People have been made to feel guilty about their illness. In talking to people at the various meetings and workshops that I have attended, I have heard that some people have left their church because of the way that they or a family member were treated after it was discovered that they had a mental or emotional disturbance. Also, people have been made to feel guilty about their illness in a way that would not be done if they had a physical ailment. Some have turned away from the church Some have turned away from the church because [...]

How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 22023-08-24T14:05:46-06:00

How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 1


by Jacquelyn Scott Forming a network of support and accountability As we transition into the next decade, there is no time to waver between the world and the Kingdom. Those of us who have taken on the mantle of “Christian Leader” must be good stewards of the commission that has been bestowed upon us. The responsibility for being ambassadors of God’s Word is not to be taken lightly. None of us are perfect, but we must strive for perfection in carrying out the duties that have been given us. Having a sound mind is essential to assure that we do no [...]

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Resolved! Making New Year Resolutions


by Whaid Rose Looking for a different and more effective approach to making New Year resolutions? You’ve come to the right place.  Making New Year resolutions isn’t nearly as difficult as keeping them. Most of our “resolves” typically fall by the wayside just days into the New Year! As one wag observed, “Resolutions go in one year and come out the next.” This year the challenge of making resolutions is made greater by the ongoing impact of the global pandemic. It turned 2020 into a truly “unprecedented year,” wiped our calendars clean, and made the future more uncertain and life less [...]

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Like a Rock: A Classic Example in Character Formation


by Whaid Rose Jesus had twelve disciples, but among them, was an inner circle of three made up of Peter, James, and John. They’re rightly regarded as such because of their unique role in Jesus’ ministry. They walked closest to Him, were given front row seats on important occasions, and exuded a unique passion for advancing the agenda of the kingdom, so much so that they were nicknamed “Sons of Thunder” (Mark 3:16). But among them, Peter stood out even more. The first disciple Jesus called, along with his brother Andrew, first seen casting their net by the Sea of Galilee [...]

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Why Character Trumps Competence


by Whaid Rose “Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you have to be without one, be without strategy.”  –General Norman Schwarzkopf Is it prudent to choose leaders based on their ability to get things done, despite glaring character flaws? This has become a topic of national conversation, especially in recent years as the proverbial emperor without clothes plays out in real life on television. Crisis and Compromise This debate comes amid growing concerns about the sharp decline of moral character in American culture. Yet, when it comes to choosing political leaders, many of those concerned, evangelical [...]

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Run Your Race


by Mike Wallace He had fallen down and injured his knee and ankle; blood was oozing from the wounds. At about 7 P.M. John Stephen Akhwari of Tanzania slowly entered the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City more than an hour behind the first-place Olympic finisher. Hobbling along, limping and grimacing with pain, he moved forward to the finish line of the Olympic Marathon. He was by far the very last runner to complete the marathon that day. Hurting, in pain with blood and dirt caking onto his wounds, the reporters asked him why he had continued the race after falling down [...]

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Living Jesus


by Loren Gjesdal What do you think of when you read the word “incarnation”? A baby in a manger? Jesus walking the dusty roads of Israel? How about when you read the word “resurrection”? An empty tomb? Jesus rising into the sky on a cloud? Not to be blasphemous, but why don’t you picture you, today, at home, school, or work? One of the mind-boggling truths of the Christian faith is that followers of Jesus are to be the incarnation of Jesus, the Living Jesus in the world today! Incarnation literally means “in the flesh,” and resurrection means “rising from the [...]

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Choosing Obedience: An Interview with Andrea Slawson


“When obedience is in the ascendant, He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist you with all His Almighty power.” – Oswald Chamber [ref][/ref] For alumna Andrea Slawson, this quote hits home. Having earned a Certificate in Biblical Studies and an Associate in Christian Leadership through Artios Christian College, Andrea has taken a total of 23 classes through the school. Like me, you may be surprised to learn that before Artios she didn’t consider herself an eager student. In her own words, as a high school and college student she was “average at best.” So [...]

Choosing Obedience: An Interview with Andrea Slawson2023-08-16T15:56:18-06:00

Abide in Christ: What It Looks Like and Why It’s a Must


by Caitlin Meadows “Abide” is one of my favorite words. It is a calming, empowering word that communicates surrender and soul rest. Just hearing or reading that little word triggers my mind to slow down and gives me permission to take a deep breath. Abide. Refresh. Let go. Trust. Years ago while I was a church youth camper at the gorgeous Sis Q Meadows in southern Oregon, my now colleague and long-time mentor Amber Riggs was serving as camp staff. Perceptive as usual, she picked up on my heavy spirit that week. I don’t recall what was burdening me at the [...]

Abide in Christ: What It Looks Like and Why It’s a Must2023-08-16T15:55:39-06:00

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