How Can Our Church Serve Our Community at this Time?


By Janna Wiley EIGHTY-SEVEN. OCHENTA Y SIETE. OCTOGINTA SEPTEM. KANAWALUKUMAMĀHIKU. That number is meaningful in my Family. That number keeps growing. It represents the number of days my family has been sheltering in place, selectively going outside, and starting the social distancing of what is the “new normal” in our country. But, there is another number that I want to talk about today. How can our church serve our community at this time? TWENTY-SEVEN No, it’s not my age, it’s not a birthday, nor a code. This number is the total number, so far, that my local church has delivered care [...]

How Can Our Church Serve Our Community at this Time?2022-08-03T15:54:51-06:00

Christ-Centered Rest on Sabbath is For Pastors, Too


By Amber Riggs Exhausted from a long, demanding day, Joseph feels his body begin to release stress and his mind struggle to let go of its seemingly endless list of responsibilities. It’s almost Sunday, he tells himself. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to rest. The sad irony is that this is a relatable situation for many pastors, ministry leaders, and members of congregations who meet on Saturday with good intentions of celebrating Sabbath. Unfortunately, the day on which a congregation worships is often the most physically and emotionally taxing day of the week for many pastors and church leaders. It can become a [...]

Christ-Centered Rest on Sabbath is For Pastors, Too2022-07-12T13:09:26-06:00

How Roman Christians Responded to Corrupt Rulers


By Amber Riggs Not a month goes by that we don’t hear an allegation of corruption regarding one or more of our governing leaders. Even the thought that our leaders could consider themselves above the law is downright maddening. Or perhaps we think that a politician’s policies – or proposed policies – are dangerous. We question their motivations. What would happen if these policies are put into law? Regardless of your political persuasions, watching all of this take place can easily make a person feel helpless. And when we feel helpless, we often find it easier to react in frustration. However, [...]

How Roman Christians Responded to Corrupt Rulers2022-07-12T13:07:25-06:00

How Does Prayer Connect Us to God?


By Josiah Robles How does prayer connect us to God? Prayer is more than just a few words spoken to God before a meal or before one goes to sleep. Though it can simply be said that prayer is how “we make contact with God, and likewise God communicates with us.” Prayer is a lifestyle of communion with God in which we develop a deep intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. This deep intimate relationship with the father is what allows us to become friends with God. Prayer for me as a Christian leader is extremely significant. Prayer is what allows me to come before [...]

How Does Prayer Connect Us to God?2022-07-12T12:50:12-06:00

The Power of Prayer


By Brian Franks There’s a powerful ministry available to the church! It’s one that can easily be practiced by a small child, someone nearing 100 years old, and anyone between. It’s a ministry that any Christians can do together at any time. It can be intricately planned or done on the fly. Yet, often this ministry is seen as an afterthought. Many times, it is not seen as a solution to issues. Sometimes it’s not thought of at all. This ministry is prayer and in prayer there is much power. It is not powerful because we tell God what to do and command the Lord to [...]

The Power of Prayer2022-07-11T10:11:31-06:00

What is Your Picture of an Ideal Family?


By Loren Gjesdal What is your picture of an ideal family? A “Leave it to Beaver” household of two parents, two kids and a happy resolution to every problem in 30 minutes? Or even more simply, “No muss, no fuss, no drama today, please?” Just what would constitute an ideal family anyway? Is the ideal even possible, and if so, what would we have to do to pursue it? If we could imagine the first family in a world where Adam and Eve never ate from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… If they were never evicted from [...]

What is Your Picture of an Ideal Family?2022-06-30T13:04:36-06:00

5 Reasons I Came Back to the Church


By Lisa Harp Hinds If you read “5 Reasons I Left the Church”, you know that, yes, I was one of “those” who had left the church for a combination of reasons. But I came back! Wondering why? Wondering if some of the people who have left your church might return? Wondering what you could do to help them? NUMBER 5 REASON I CAME BACK TO THE CHURCH: SOMEONE WAS PRAYING FOR ME. This is huge, people! I John 5:14-16 tells us, not only can we have confidence in approaching God to ask for anything within His will, but we should pray for our brothers and [...]

5 Reasons I Came Back to the Church2022-07-12T12:34:05-06:00

Do You Turn Away From God When You Are Hurting?


By Lisa Harp Hinds Have you noticed that it seems so many Christians are turning away from God and the church lately? What makes us do that? Why do we separate from the One and the ones who care about us? First, let’s think of what the church really is. I Corinthians 12: 27-28 tells us that we “are the body of Christ, and members individually. And God has appointed these in the church…..” Verse 28 goes on to list gifts such as apostles, prophets, teachers, administrators, etc. In other words, each of us has a gift and a place to serve. Plus, we need each other [...]

Do You Turn Away From God When You Are Hurting?2022-07-12T12:34:29-06:00

Compassion for the Masses: 6 Lessons Gleaned from a Busy Day of Ministry with Jesus


By Whaid Rose Of the miracles of Jesus, the feeding of the five thousand is the only one recorded in detail in all four gospels. None was quite as public, performed in front of so many witnesses. According to Mark’s account (6:30-44), it happened serendipitously. Needing to get away from the crowd, Jesus withdrew (with His disciples) to a quiet place (verse 31). This highlights the first of several principles in this story: Solitude and rest are essential to effective ministry. But word got out; the people found them. And how did Jesus react? He welcomed them, highlighting another important principle: Ministry [...]

Compassion for the Masses: 6 Lessons Gleaned from a Busy Day of Ministry with Jesus2022-07-12T12:34:59-06:00

Mining the Old Testament for Treasure


By Loren Gjesdal Have you ever heard anyone express thoughts like these? Maybe you have had them yourself? “I’m a New Covenant Christian, so all I really need to study is the New Testament.” “Jesus and the Apostles are the final word on theology, life and living. The Old Testament just confuses the gospel.” “Jesus did away with the law so there is no point in learning what it said.” So why do we keep publishing the Old Testament in our Bibles? Should New Covenant Christians find any value in studying books of the Bible written before Jesus was born? The answer [...]

Mining the Old Testament for Treasure2022-07-12T12:38:22-06:00

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