Why I’m Embracing Fixed-Hour Prayer


by Amber Mann Riggs At 9:00 am each morning, my children and I drop what we are doing, gather in the living room, and drop to our knees to “pray like Daniel prayed.” My husband joins us when we drop again in the evening, as the six of us anchor our hope in Christ as a family. It hasn’t always been like this. But the coronavirus pandemic has given us a fresh perspective on what it means for it to be “time to pray.” Don’t get me wrong. We’ve always had family prayer times. Just not like this. What is Fixed-Hour [...]

Why I’m Embracing Fixed-Hour Prayer2023-11-08T15:34:28-07:00

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?


by Martin Cicero Do you ever wonder why our prayers don’t seem to be answered? Reality is, God answers prayer but we may not like the answer. He may say “yes,” “not now,” or “no.” Why is it that it seems we hear “not now” and “no” more than we like? What is it that hinders our prayers? I actually did not realize that there are so many things that hinder our prayers. Things that may hinder our prayers include sin, ignoring God’s Word, an unforgiving heart, refusing to help those in need, wrong motives, lack of faith, poor relationships with [...]

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?2023-11-08T15:24:25-07:00

6 Elements of ACTIVE Prayer


by Martin Cicero How have you been taught to pray? Do you follow a specific format when you pray? Do you need something to ignite your prayer life? Consider the following 6 elements of ACTIVE prayer: Adoration Some of us have been taught to pray by the acronym ACTS, but I have recently been taught a new acronym: ACTIVE. In either case, the “A” stands for adoration. So, what is adoration, and how do we have adoration for God? “Adoration is intense admiration culminating in reverence and worship, together with the outward acts and attitudes which accompany such reverence.” Adoration helps [...]

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How Does Prayer Connect Us to God? Part 3


by Josiah Robles Prayer is protection. If Christian leaders neglect to come before God and humble themselves and their hearts before Him, they will not be able to resist the Devil and will quickly lose sight of God. If a leader does not have constant communion with the Father, they leave themselves vulnerable to attacks from the enemy. These attacks will quickly destroy and corrupt the leaders without them ever realizing, as they never went to God to be examined. Therefore, Christian leaders must pray the prayer of “The Prayer of Examen.” This is a prayer in which we, with God, [...]

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How Does Prayer Connect Us to God? Part 2


by Josiah Robles When Christ died as told in the Gospel of Matthew, “And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His Spirit. Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom…” (Matt. 27:50-51a). This was more than a spectacle. It showed us that we could now come to the Father directly, as before only once a year could an offering be made to God for our sins. The writer of Hebrews expresses this plainly, “But Christ came as the High Priest of the good things to come, with the greater [...]

How Does Prayer Connect Us to God? Part 22023-11-08T14:45:05-07:00

Mind Meld


by Mike Wallace I watched in astonishment the first time I saw Spock perform a “mind meld” on someone. “My mind to your mind, your mind to my mind,” then they became one of thought and intellect. Once joined by the Vulcan “mind meld,” the two parties will forever be linked as one. Many of us remember the big events of life and where we were. Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the moon. 9/11. The space shuttle fell out of the sky. The assassination of President Kennedy. I remember where I was on September 8, 1966. I was watching the very [...]

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How Does Prayer Transform You? Part 1


by Loren Gjesdal Prayer is the interactive work of the Word, Holy Spirit and human intellect that God uses to build a relationship between himself and individuals. Through prayer God molds human hearts and minds into Christ’s likeness and allows us individually and corporately to participate with Him in his work in the earth. Prayer is the appointed means of unleashing the transformative power of God in both the physical and spiritual dimensions of human existence. “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth,”  Jesus told us in John 4:24. Because God is an invisible [...]

How Does Prayer Transform You? Part 12023-11-06T15:26:47-07:00

How Can Our Church Serve Our Community at this Time?


By Janna Wiley EIGHTY-SEVEN. OCHENTA Y SIETE. OCTOGINTA SEPTEM. KANAWALUKUMAMĀHIKU. That number is meaningful in my Family. That number keeps growing. It represents the number of days my family has been sheltering in place, selectively going outside, and starting the social distancing of what is the “new normal” in our country. But, there is another number that I want to talk about today. How can our church serve our community at this time? TWENTY-SEVEN No, it’s not my age, it’s not a birthday, nor a code. This number is the total number, so far, that my local church has delivered care [...]

How Can Our Church Serve Our Community at this Time?2022-08-03T15:54:51-06:00

Christ-Centered Rest on Sabbath is For Pastors, Too


By Amber Riggs Exhausted from a long, demanding day, Joseph feels his body begin to release stress and his mind struggle to let go of its seemingly endless list of responsibilities. It’s almost Sunday, he tells himself. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to rest. The sad irony is that this is a relatable situation for many pastors, ministry leaders, and members of congregations who meet on Saturday with good intentions of celebrating Sabbath. Unfortunately, the day on which a congregation worships is often the most physically and emotionally taxing day of the week for many pastors and church leaders. It can become a [...]

Christ-Centered Rest on Sabbath is For Pastors, Too2022-07-12T13:09:26-06:00

How Roman Christians Responded to Corrupt Rulers


By Amber Riggs Not a month goes by that we don’t hear an allegation of corruption regarding one or more of our governing leaders. Even the thought that our leaders could consider themselves above the law is downright maddening. Or perhaps we think that a politician’s policies – or proposed policies – are dangerous. We question their motivations. What would happen if these policies are put into law? Regardless of your political persuasions, watching all of this take place can easily make a person feel helpless. And when we feel helpless, we often find it easier to react in frustration. However, [...]

How Roman Christians Responded to Corrupt Rulers2022-07-12T13:07:25-06:00

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