Why Sabbath is Meant to be Simple


By Amber Riggs I’ll never forget my family’s first Sabbath gathering back with our church after thirteen weeks of covid-related cancellations. My four daughters could barely contain their excitement. They had dressed and prepared breakfast for themselves before I even crawled out of bed. At their young ages, my daughters have fallen in love with the church and the vision it represents. Likewise, when the first representatives of humanity spent that first day delighting in the Garden, God was giving them an opportunity to fall in love with His vision. Could they imagine replacing the Wilderness around the Garden with this lush peace of beauty? [...]

Why Sabbath is Meant to be Simple2022-08-03T16:24:28-06:00

The Leadership Conversation: Why Should We Study Culture?


By Mary Meadows Culture is complex. Not only does the term encompass everything that makes up a unique society, but culture is constantly changing and evolving. In the previous Artios Leadership Conversation, Israel Steinmetz and Amber Mann Riggs (co-directors of Artios Christian College) established that, as Christians, we should care about our culture. Whether we like to admit it or not, culture shapes us and shapes the Church. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it’s important to recognize that influence and ask if this is helping us accomplish God’s mission for our lives—or if it is pulling our attention away from Him. But, [...]

The Leadership Conversation: Why Should We Study Culture?2022-08-03T16:21:28-06:00

6 Reasons I’m Excited to be a Millennial Christian


By Amber Riggs The millennium had barely turned when I first became acquainted with the labels that would define my generational identity. As researchers looked at the culture that had shaped us and hypothesized about how we would collectively respond to and shape our environments as we grew into adulthood, I found myself both fascinated and enthralled by what I read. We were called Gen-Y, Millennials, Echoboomers, and my favorite, the Bridger Generation. However, as we looked at the promises of a new (at the time pre-9-11) millennium, what they all seemed to have in common in the perception of this Millennial was a [...]

6 Reasons I’m Excited to be a Millennial Christian2022-07-20T13:37:58-06:00

Jesus-Followers, Instant Gratification, and Other Cultural Issues


By Caitlin Meadows My little boy, Hudson is 20 months old. That said, it won’t surprise you that he has not yet developed a life skill parents grow to deeply appreciate. Patience. Hudson has none yet. The kid is pure impulse. Patience is something my husband and I are attempting to cultivate in him. We get to cultivate it in him when we have to cook our food before we eat it. Or when we have to drive 15 minutes first for him to see his grandparents. We cultivate it in him when I have to finish unloading the laundry before I hold [...]

Jesus-Followers, Instant Gratification, and Other Cultural Issues2022-07-12T13:29:02-06:00

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