“… and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.”
2 Timothy 2:26

Every year, moral failure neutralizes the Christian ministry of many leaders. This gathering seeks to understand the temptations, traps, and restoration process surrounding a failure in moral judgment or integrity that an offender and their victim (or accomplice) suffer from a mental health perspective. An approach is also presented on how to reinforce the safety barriers around ministry leaders and recognize the predator cycle in hopes of helping stop, mitigate, or restore all those affected by such destructive events.

This seminar series is offered to ministry leaders and men and women involved in the restoration process.

In this seminar series, David Lozano considers the pathology that can destroy a ministry:

  • The predatory cycle
  • Healthy Precautions and Barriers
  • How to make amends to a victim
  • The restorative process

This webinar deals with moral challenges that Christian leaders make every effort to manage wisely. The goal of these lectures is to provide effective and accurate information about topics related to abuse and its branches. Abuse of any form affects church leaders and believers morally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Although these lectures are presented without pictures or videos and respectfully, the content is only fit for a mature adult audience. We would prefer attendees be pastors, ministers, or anyone serving in leadership roles (especially children’s and youth’s ministry) 21 or older.

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