From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 2


by Amber Mann Riggs Let’s face it – American culture has undergone radical changes in the past several decades. For Christians, the changes seem to be happening faster than most of us can comprehend. How can we influence a culture to follow Christ when it seems like we are speaking two different languages? Especially when it seems like even within the Church we are encountering the world in very different ways. As 21st century Christians, much of our understanding of culture is directly dependent on our understanding of the term “postmodernity.” Part 1 of this series established that the very word [...]

From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 22023-11-14T16:36:41-07:00

Is the Joy of the Lord Your Strength?


by Anita Fedoriw Where is the Joy of the Lord? I feel like I’ve failed my husband because…. I feel like I’ve failed my children because… I feel like I’ve failed my friends because…. Oh, God, I grieve over my past sins, stumblings, and failures, the way I have disappointed You and hurt others in the process. They say as you get older, the more you look back in time. I believe this is true. And as the years go by, while there are many opportunities to do good, there have been many times of not, where I have given into [...]

Is the Joy of the Lord Your Strength?2023-10-26T14:35:15-06:00

How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 2


by Jacquelyn Scott People have been made to feel guilty about their illness. In talking to people at the various meetings and workshops that I have attended, I have heard that some people have left their church because of the way that they or a family member were treated after it was discovered that they had a mental or emotional disturbance. Also, people have been made to feel guilty about their illness in a way that would not be done if they had a physical ailment. Some have turned away from the church Some have turned away from the church because [...]

How Do We Foster Mental Wellness Among Christian Leaders? Part 22023-08-24T14:05:46-06:00

Is Salvation Free?


By Daniel Aleman Is salvation free? This was completely unimaginable to the first century AD world. It is in this backdrop that the apostle Paul wrote his letters. He preaches the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the fruit of salvation and a new life for believers. Salvation and the new life in Christ can be confusing when people try to reason this free gift from God as something requiring an exchange of goods. Unlike buying groceries in a supermarket, salvation and a new life in Christ cannot be purchased. Instead, these are freely given to those who believe that Jesus [...]

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Understanding Gospel Indicatives and Imperatives


By Caitlin Meadows “I’d like to be baptized someday but I don’t think I’m ready yet. I need more time.” I’ve heard statements along these lines several times. Those making this sort of statement wrongly believe that they must first be good enough before receiving the salvation that Christ offers them. Some have parents enforcing this false belief. Others grew up in congregations that focused more on how the Bible commands Jesus-followers to live and less (or not at all) on what Jesus Christ has already accomplished on their behalf. In effect, these individuals believe they have to fulfill gospel imperatives without first [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Sabbath School Attendance


By Israel Steinmetz Most Sabbath School teachers share a common frustration: low attendance. They feel like their congregation would benefit from Sabbath School class, but fewer than half of those who attend the worship service show up for class. Here are five tips for attracting more people to class: 1. LET TEACHERS TEACH Many church classrooms consist of a discussion facilitator lobbing questions at a large group (10 or more people) who then “discuss” the topic. Oftentimes, this discussion consists of people repeating their favorite sayings, affirming their pre-conceived ideas, and trading half-quoted Scriptures. While the “round table” approach might work well [...]

5 Simple Ways to Increase Sabbath School Attendance2022-07-20T13:34:11-06:00

How Do You Learn Proper Biblical Interpretation?


By David Zellers Have you ever heard or read something about what is in the Bible and wondered, “Is that really right?” You hear sermons and read books, articles, and the commentaries in your Bible, but sometimes these do not seem right. Additionally, when reading your Bible, you may find it hard to relate it to your life. Studying the Bible takes some time and effort. However, with study, the Bible becomes a living, relevant source of wisdom, guidance, and meaning for your life.  Thereby, to find the truth that sets you free, you must make certain you are receiving the [...]

How Do You Learn Proper Biblical Interpretation?2022-07-20T13:29:16-06:00

The Life of Christ: A Testimony of Beautiful Lives


By Chip Hinds THE LIFE OF CHRIST IN THE LIVES OF TRUE DISCIPLES Greetings in the name of Jesus, faithful disciples of the Lord. Some of you may wonder why I am always writing positive things, even when times are difficult. First, it is a commandment recorded by the Apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. But one of the most compelling reasons is the wonderful life of Jesus Christ I witness in the lives of [...]

The Life of Christ: A Testimony of Beautiful Lives2022-07-20T13:26:29-06:00

“I’ve Got This”


By Chip Hinds “I’ve Got This!!!” Said Someone Who Was Clueless But Wait… Are things not going according to Plan? Oh, the treasures we have learned from the 2020 pandemic. Number one among those is to “Focus on Jesus and follow his plan.” Number two among those is, “We Are Better Together.” Yes, we had those themes before the pandemic. But our appreciation has grown exponentially through experiencing the pandemic. LEARNING FROM THE FUTURE-SELF Our daughter shared with us a newly circulating humorous video portraying a woman four months ago being contacted by her future-self. The future-self is from today’s timeframe. The [...]

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From Veggie Tales to What’s in the Bible: Following Phil Vischer’s Lead


By Israel Steinmetz The first time I saw Veggie Tales I was a high school sophomore in a room full of guys from around the country and we couldn’t stop laughing at Larry the Cucumber’s hairbrush song. Veggie Tales was funny stuff. Every half-hour episode was packed with witty cultural references, silly vegetables and a nice moral lesson, always ending with the affirmation, “God made you special, and He loves you very much.” Almost twenty years later, I still watch Veggie Tales with my kids as they’re introduced to Veggie-tized versions of classic characters from Indiana Jones to George Müller and classic literature from Hamlet to Huckleberry Finn. [...]

From Veggie Tales to What’s in the Bible: Following Phil Vischer’s Lead2022-07-20T09:42:53-06:00

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