Re-Created to Meet a Need: Knowing When to Jump In


by Caitlin Meadows I like when I can meet another person’s need. This, of course, is not a personality trait unique to me. In fact, I’d be surprised to learn of a person who doesn’t like to be needed. Like little children who are eager to be their parents’ helper, adults feel satisfaction when we can serve in even the smallest of capacities. My husband is one of six children, four of which are his sisters. Each sister pitches in when we have family meals together at his parents’ house, often with both prep and clean up. I noticed this early [...]

Re-Created to Meet a Need: Knowing When to Jump In2023-08-29T14:35:13-06:00

Choosing Obedience: An Interview with Andrea Slawson


“When obedience is in the ascendant, He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist you with all His Almighty power.” – Oswald Chamber [ref][/ref] For alumna Andrea Slawson, this quote hits home. Having earned a Certificate in Biblical Studies and an Associate in Christian Leadership through Artios Christian College, Andrea has taken a total of 23 classes through the school. Like me, you may be surprised to learn that before Artios she didn’t consider herself an eager student. In her own words, as a high school and college student she was “average at best.” So [...]

Choosing Obedience: An Interview with Andrea Slawson2023-08-16T15:56:18-06:00

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