“When obedience is in the ascendant, He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist you with all His Almighty power.” – Oswald Chamber [ref]https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/280847-when-obedience-is-in-the-ascendant-he-will-tax-the[/ref]

For alumna Andrea Slawson, this quote hits home.

Having earned a Certificate in Biblical Studies and an Associate in Christian Leadership through Artios Christian College, Andrea has taken a total of 23 classes through the school. Like me, you may be surprised to learn that before Artios she didn’t consider herself an eager student. In her own words, as a high school and college student she was “average at best.” So why pursue an education through Artios? Andrea says it all came down to obedience. Her decision to sign up was “God inspired.”

“I learned about [Artios Christian College] at conference, felt God telling me to go. I was extremely reluctant to sign up… scared to fail. But God wouldn’t leave it alone, so out of nothing else but obedience, I signed up, prepared to fail. Which I did not. And God receives all the glory.”

Confidence Through Obedience

Andrea and her husband Bruce are active members of the Owosso, MI Church of God (Seventh Day). Together they facilitate their congregation’s young adult group. During the week, Andrea serves as the congregation’s office administrator. She considers these two arenas her main spheres of influence.

In response to how Artios has affected her approach to leadership in these spheres of influence, Andrea again points to obedience. “I have gained so much confidence! I am more confident in myself, in my abilities, because I know that God’s got my back. If I am in His will being obedient to His call, not my own, then I know all will go well, because it’s all God’s plan.”

Everyday Christian Leadership

At Artios Christian College we emphasis everyday Christian leadership. Christian leaders are not just those in full-time ministry. Every follower of Christ is a leader, regardless of title or position. This includes Andrea and others like her who love the Lord and choose obedience, especially when it makes them uncomfortable.

On how Artios has changed the way Andrea thinks of herself and of Christian leadership, she shares: “I won’t say that I never have a negative thought about myself, but those thoughts have significantly reduced. I know who I am in Christ, and that puts my identity in a whole new light. I am no longer scared of [leadership]! And that, for me, is huge!”

God’s Timing is Perfect

“I loved every class in its own way,” Andrea elaborated. “Each were unique, yet specific to the topic. I didn’t really have a favorite overall, I loved them all. Can you do more please?” Her words highlight the fact that the courses Artios offers are not just a means to an end. Rather, they are designed to be applicable, insightful, and challenging for individual growth. This is the Artios effect! She continues,

“As soon as I signed up for my practicum, I got asked to work at the church in the administration. Perfect timing is God’s timing. My education, as I stated before has given me the confidence to be able to deal with anything in life or ministry because the knowledge gained is applied consciously and unconsciously to every aspect of life, whether in the office or with the young adults, or at the grocery store.”

Is God Asking for Your Obedience, Too?

Wrapping up my interview with Andrea, I asked her if she would recommend Artios Christian College to her friends and family. Her answer?

“Absolutely! It was one of the most positive, uplifting, confidence boosting, God experiences of my adult life. I am a new person, a better person. If you are even remotely thinking about it, pray and consider hard, do you want your life to change?”

Again, Andrea emphasizes obedience.

“If you know that God is telling you to do it, DO IT! He will see you through!”