Why be a Leader in the Church?


By Daniel Aleman When you answer the call to be a leader in your church denomination, you will find your place among others who serve Christ. This article is focused on the denomination of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) or COG7, but the points of the article that focus on serving in your church and the challenges Christian churches face today may be applied to all Christian denominations. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,”[1] are words many Christians have heard throughout their years attending worship services. Most could even recite the words of Jesus [...]

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It’s Not Okay for Kids to be Bored in Church


By Israel Steinmetz I baptized my three oldest kids in 2015. It’s incredible to watch them worship together with the local body of Christ they’ve become a part of. I love worshipping with my kids. Whether at home or with our church, there’s something awesome about joining them in song to our Creator and Redeemer. Last week in service I held my four year old’s hand as we sang together. I looked across the aisle at three of my other children as they praised alongside their friends. My middle school daughter stays through the entire service, taking copious sermon notes and [...]

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Acts of Service Aren’t Enough, Thankfully


By Caitlin Meadows Growing up, my elementary school implemented a merit system. Every staff member carried around little yellow pieces of paper called “bobcat awards” that motivated students to voluntarily complete acts of service. When a student had collected enough, he or she earned a lunch period spent in the “bobcat room” (the band room) complete with a special dessert treat and rated G music playing from a boombox. The best part about earning this reward? The status. Since the bobcat room was right off of the cafeteria, these well-behaved, honored students got to walk right on past all of their [...]

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What Redemption Means for Followers of Christ


By Jason Overman We say it as often as we can: Jesus-followers have been re-created by Christ to lead on His behalf in our everyday lives and circles. But why? Because of His redemption. With an accurate understanding of this common Christian word, we come to a greater personal appreciation of the gospel. And with that greater appreciation comes a deeper desire to live surrendered to His leading which enables us to influence others for Him. Redeemed — how I love to proclaim it! Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb; Redeemed thro’ His infinite mercy, His child, and forever, I am.” Perhaps [...]

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Understanding Gospel Indicatives and Imperatives


By Caitlin Meadows “I’d like to be baptized someday but I don’t think I’m ready yet. I need more time.” I’ve heard statements along these lines several times. Those making this sort of statement wrongly believe that they must first be good enough before receiving the salvation that Christ offers them. Some have parents enforcing this false belief. Others grew up in congregations that focused more on how the Bible commands Jesus-followers to live and less (or not at all) on what Jesus Christ has already accomplished on their behalf. In effect, these individuals believe they have to fulfill gospel imperatives without first [...]

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Justified by the Law or Saved by Grace?


By Mike Wallace “You have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace” (Gal. 5:4). (All Scripture quotations are NKJV unless otherwise noted.) I tried. I tried very hard to get all 1,100 points. I failed. Forty years ago, in college I was a mediocre B- to C+ college student. I never got below a “C” in any class but getting an “A” was a very difficult goal for me to reach, except for history or physical education. Now, 40 years later I am in college again. Time value of growth and [...]

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A Visions for Christian Education in the Local Church- Part 3


By Amber Riggs You see that three-year-old who can’t sit still during the sermon? The one whose daddy had to take him out of the worship gathering three times last week because he was being disruptive? Yeah…that one. Well, in 15 years he will be 18, graduating from high school and youth group. What if I told you that 18-year-old him can find any verse in the Bible in 8 seconds flat, tell you the author and theme of each book of the Bible, recite several long passages of Scripture, and discuss the many attributes of God at length? And he’s [...]

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A Visions for Christian Education in the Local Church- Part 2


By Amber Riggs Week after week, year after year, students of all ages – infant to elderly – take their seat to engage in some form of Christian education. And at the end of each Sabbath school class or Bible study, we stand up, walk out, and more often than not, quickly forget most of what we were supposed to have learned during that past hour. Is the purpose of Christian education simply to expose people to the Bible and keep their interest so that they leave with a smile on their faces? Or is it something more life altering? A [...]

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A Visions for Christian Education in the Local Church- Part 1


By Amber Riggs Once a year, the kids in my congregation’s Sabbath School classes are called to the front of the sanctuary. With smiles on their faces, they are given certificates and, in many cases, “promoted” to their new classes. On one particular Sabbath several years ago, I watched this ceremony with fear and trembling as it ushered in a new season of my “career” as a Sabbath school teacher. I had taught adult classes, teen classes, elementary school classes, and pre-K/K classes. However, I had most recently taught the 2-3-year-olds. And if teaching 3-year-olds wasn’t intimidating enough, all three of [...]

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Always More to Learn: An Interview with Karen Stacy


By Caitlin Meadows On Sabbath morning you’ll find Karen Stacy in her classroom captivating the group of busy, bustling children around her. Though small in stature herself, she maintains a balance of gentleness and command. Occasionally she’ll throw in a little song to help her students focus as they learn. Her goal? That each child will develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ is and of their personal need for Him. For over forty years she has voluntarily devoted her time, energy, prayers, talents, and passion in this capacity. Children’s education, especially their Christian education, is her calling. Throughout her adult [...]

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