Leadership Essentials: Communication and Clarity


by Artios Magazine One of the most practical qualities of a leader is his or her ability to effectively communicate. Effective communication is particularly an essential ingredient in everyday Christian leadership. This quality requires intentionality. More concisely, it requires clarity. In Artios Christian College‘s introductory course Essentials of Vibrant Leadership (LEA11), students study several books on Christian leadership as they explore the essential qualities of Christian leadership. Both communication and clarity are among them. Though these two essentials can stand independently, they also relate. Communication as a Leadership Essential “Sometimes we forget about the power of words and the need for [...]

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Leading and Managing: What’s The Difference?


by Chip Hinds (Excerpt borrowed with permission from the Southwest District Superintendent’s Blog) Are you acting in the roles of leadership and/or management? Last week, in discussion with SWD HOPE Ministry Co-Director David Burrell, we remarked to one another how launching into a project, even in turbulent circumstances when the way was still being charted, was not a problem for either one of us. He remarked jokingly, “Yes, that is us sometimes, ‘fire … ready … aim.’” I admire David Burrell and Martin Ramirez, also Co-Director of SWD HOPE Ministry, because of what they are doing “outside the four walls of [...]

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The Leadership Conversation: What does Communion with God Look Like?


by Mary Meadows “Communion with God” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in Christian circles. This idea has a tendency to sound super spiritual, but it can be hard to conceptualize. In this Leadership Conversation, Israel Steinmetz and Amber Riggs (former co-directors of Artios Christian College) sit down to answer the question: what does communion with God actually look like? Israel defines communion by using another common term: relationship. Our communion with God should look like a relationship. But hold on—”relationship” is also a broad term. How does this help us? Multifaceted Relationship Throughout Scripture, God uses examples of earthly [...]

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The Leadership Conversation: Positional vs Relational Leadership


by Mary Meadows What kind of individual do you picture when you hear the word “leader”? Do you think of well-dressed men and women in a corporate board room? Perhaps instead you picture a pastor speaking to thousands of people at a mega-church, or even a missionary trekking through the jungles of the Amazon to reach a remote native tribe? While there are definitely some leadership positions that look like this, most often the people who exert the greatest influence in our lives do so through relational leadership rather than through positional leadership. Positional vs Relational Leadership: What’s the Difference? There [...]

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Acts of Service Aren’t Enough, Thankfully


by Caitlin Meadows Growing up, my elementary school implemented a merit system. Every staff member carried around little yellow pieces of paper called “bobcat awards” that motivated students to voluntarily complete acts of service. When a student had collected enough, he or she earned a lunch period spent in the “bobcat room” (the band room) complete with a special dessert treat and rated G music playing from a boombox. The best part about earning this reward? The status. Since the bobcat room was right off of the cafeteria, these well-behaved, honored students got to walk right on past all of their [...]

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If you are a Jesus-follower, you are a leader. This guide provides you with questions that help you explore what you have in common with the most influential Christians. Get the guidebook here: https://my.artioscollege.org/en/resources/3#resource


Makayla Ross’ 4 Tips for Working from Home


by Makayla Ross 4 Tips for Working from Home shared by Artios Christian College Registrar Makayla Ross: Tip #1 – Set up a Dedicated Workspace Set up a dedicated space for work. This space should be in a location where you can focus and concentrate best. Having your “workspace” be clean and clutter-free will also help your mental capacity as you work. I highly recommend a desk rather than the living room couch. Tip #2 – Dress for Work Dress for work. Although you’re at home and you can probably dress down a bit, don’t dress down too much. You want [...]

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Serving Jesus Even When Your Eyes Reflect Poop


by Amber Mann Riggs Is this what I’m destined to become? Recoiling with disgust at the abject prospect, I now eyed these women with cynical wariness. Yes, they seemed normal. And up to that moment, they had triumphed as beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, interesting pillars of womanhood. But now, all of this faded in the shadow of their complete obsession with potty-training. Trapped in a conversation circle in which these women wielded complete control, I found myself an unwilling captive of the no-longer-secret Society of the Hiney-Wipers. The conversation was not just teetering on a precipice overlooking a sewage treatment plant. Even worse, it. was. boring. Foreshadowing can be a dreadful, dreadful thing. Case in point: [...]

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How to Fold Laundry… As Unto Jesus


by Caitlin Meadows I just abandoned my laundry basket. It’s over half-full of warm, clean clothes. The rest are folded on the couch. Normally I don’t leave chores half-finished. My perfectionism usually won’t allow it. But, the writer in me has the ability to usurp the perfectionist in me. When inspiration strikes, I drop what I’m doing and let the words pour out of my head, through my hands, and onto paper (or, in this case, computer screen). Right now is one of those moments. Friday is laundry day in the Adam/Caitlin Meadows home. As I fold my husband’s clothes I [...]

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In Search of Character


by Whaid Rose Character Formation To set the stage for this article, it is necessary to reveal something of my dark past: I once got into trouble in high school! It was an incident involving my entire homeroom class. The teacher didn’t show up, and we kids seized the opportunity to goof off. Apparently, it was noisy enough to get the principal’s attention. This was back in the ‘70s in Jamaica where punishment was still being administered corporally in public schools, so his arrival at our homeroom naturally prompted fear. But his reaction caught the class off guard. He quietly walked [...]

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