Shortly after Pastor Ken Knoll retired from almost 50 years of pastoral ministry, he sat down with Israel Steinmetz to talk about “finishing well”. While he finished his years of vocational ministry well, Pastor Ken envisioned many more years of everyday ministry ahead of him as he volunteered in his grandkids’ school and continued to encourage and support his church family. He remained involved in the county-wide pastor’s prayer group and the community events coordinated by an interdenominational network of churches.

He and his wife, Mary Jean, took on the leadership role of coordinating their denomination’s biannual conventions. Thus, even though he was officially retired, Pastor Ken was still in the thick of ministry when he received a cancer diagnosis. His battle with cancer was far shorter than anyone imagined it would be.

Pastor Ken Knoll didn’t just talk about finishing well. He actually did it. This unique interview will inspire you to follow his example.

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