Protecting Your Ministry


HOW TO MANAGE THE PITFALLS AGAINST OUR MINISTRY “... and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.” 2 Timothy 2:26 Every year, moral failure neutralizes the Christian ministry of many leaders. This gathering seeks to understand the temptations, traps, and restoration process surrounding a failure in moral judgment or integrity that an offender and their victim (or accomplice) suffer from a mental health perspective. An approach is also presented on how to reinforce the safety barriers around ministry leaders and recognize the predator cycle [...]

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The Ministry You’re Already Doing: The Top 4 Ministry Myths


by Israel Steinmetz I’d love to be involved in a ministry. My life is just so crazy right now. Or perhaps you think you don’t have the skills/gifts or you haven’t found the right place to serve. However, if you are a Christian, the reality is that you are probably already engaged in ministry! It may just be that you aren’t aware of it. This kind of thinking is driven by what I call the Top Four Ministry Myths. Myths typically develop from stories that are told generation after generation until they’re believed, no matter how contrary to reality they might be. Sadly, [...]

The Ministry You’re Already Doing: The Top 4 Ministry Myths2023-10-26T15:48:17-06:00

Fulfilling Your Purpose: How “The Call” Can Clarify Your Focus


by Caitlin Meadows As a young girl, I innately sensed that I was called. To what? I didn’t know. High school graduation arrived and with it, the time to choose a career path. So many tears were shed as I pleaded with God – what do You want me to do? I felt unsettled choosing a secular education to lead me to a secular profession. Yet, the desire for missions work or obviously “Christian”, “churchy” jobs was absent. Though I knew without a doubt that I was called by God, He wasn’t providing me with a complete and clear picture. This struggle [...]

Fulfilling Your Purpose: How “The Call” Can Clarify Your Focus2023-10-26T15:16:25-06:00

From Plow to Pulpit – a life lived in preparation for ministry


by Nick Nimchuk Pastor Nick Nimchuk served the Church of God (Seventh Day) as a minister in both Canada and the United States for almost 40 years. The following is his story – the story of a young man who went searching for his purpose in life, and found that purpose as a pastor. Whether he knew it at the time, his early life was in preparation for ministry. At the age of 14, I considered myself a man In the fall of 1948 at the age of 14, I considered myself a man and I wanted to prove to my [...]

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Ministry—”the Baptist Way”: Fresh Leadership Insights from an Unlikely Source


by Whaid Rose By the time Jesus began His public ministry, Judaism had morphed into a legalistic system of do’s and don’ts. Its purveyors were far more concerned about external performance than a personal relationship with God. For this reason, Jesus needed someone who would penetrate that system in preparing the way for His new ministry of truth and grace. God provided such a person in the man we know in Scripture as John the Baptist. In announcing his birth, the angel declared, “As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet, saying: “The voice of [...]

Ministry—”the Baptist Way”: Fresh Leadership Insights from an Unlikely Source2023-08-29T14:58:44-06:00

Serving Jesus Even When Your Eyes Reflect Poop


by Amber Mann Riggs Is this what I’m destined to become? Recoiling with disgust at the abject prospect, I now eyed these women with cynical wariness. Yes, they seemed normal. And up to that moment, they had triumphed as beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, interesting pillars of womanhood. But now, all of this faded in the shadow of their complete obsession with potty-training. Trapped in a conversation circle in which these women wielded complete control, I found myself an unwilling captive of the no-longer-secret Society of the Hiney-Wipers. The conversation was not just teetering on a precipice overlooking a sewage treatment plant. Even worse, it. was. boring. Foreshadowing can be a dreadful, dreadful thing. Case in point: [...]

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How to Fold Laundry… As Unto Jesus


by Caitlin Meadows I just abandoned my laundry basket. It’s over half-full of warm, clean clothes. The rest are folded on the couch. Normally I don’t leave chores half-finished. My perfectionism usually won’t allow it. But, the writer in me has the ability to usurp the perfectionist in me. When inspiration strikes, I drop what I’m doing and let the words pour out of my head, through my hands, and onto paper (or, in this case, computer screen). Right now is one of those moments. Friday is laundry day in the Adam/Caitlin Meadows home. As I fold my husband’s clothes I [...]

How to Fold Laundry… As Unto Jesus2023-08-22T10:58:08-06:00

How Can Pastoral Ministry Be Small-Group Based Team Ministry?


by Loren Gjesdal The church has been my world. It has been my primary social circle, the highlight event of my week, and the most rewarding place to labor. Church has been my safe sanctuary from a declining culture. No longer. Paul tells the Ephesian church that the leadership gifts of the Spirit are given by God for “the equipping of the saints for the work of service….” (Eph 4:12). The church is to be much more than a place of sanctuary, it is to be a place of training. This means that as a church leader, I don’t come just [...]

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FINISHING WELL, an interview with the late Pastor Ken Knoll


Shortly after Pastor Ken Knoll retired from almost 50 years of pastoral ministry, he sat down with Israel Steinmetz to talk about "finishing well". While he finished his years of vocational ministry well, Pastor Ken envisioned many more years of everyday ministry ahead of him as he volunteered in his grandkids' school and continued to encourage and support his church family. He remained involved in the county-wide pastor's prayer group and the community events coordinated by an interdenominational network of churches. He and his wife, Mary Jean, took on the leadership role of coordinating their denomination's biannual conventions. Thus, even though [...]

FINISHING WELL, an interview with the late Pastor Ken Knoll2023-08-24T13:26:46-06:00

What is Your Picture of an Ideal Family?


By Loren Gjesdal What is your picture of an ideal family? A “Leave it to Beaver” household of two parents, two kids and a happy resolution to every problem in 30 minutes? Or even more simply, “No muss, no fuss, no drama today, please?” Just what would constitute an ideal family anyway? Is the ideal even possible, and if so, what would we have to do to pursue it? If we could imagine the first family in a world where Adam and Eve never ate from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… If they were never evicted from [...]

What is Your Picture of an Ideal Family?2022-06-30T13:04:36-06:00

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